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SF City Sights: Rear View of the Palace of the Legion of Honor
 As we all hope for a few more rain storms, remember that it is still winter.  The ancients said to sleep more, exercise and sweat less, and eat warming foods to ward off the illnesses of the Spring.
In April I will be traveling to Denver for the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture and hope to have a presentation ready on High Blood Pressure and stress levels as measured by Heart Rate Variability.  Hypertension is common, of course, and if it is not severe, responds well to acupuncture. If I can help patients to stay off medication or reduce the ones they are taking, side effects are minimized. They are also healthier and sleep better because of the consistent acupuncture treatments!

My motto, from the Hippocratic Oath: First, Do No Harm !!

Do give me a call and come on in for a visit for what ails you, or for a tune up for Spring Allergies.  I look forward to seeing you ! 
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Celebrity Acupuncture Files

 Jennifer Anniston reveals the marks on her back from cupping, a modality sometimes used in acupuncture.  I get asked about cupping from patients.  It's useful particularly for patients with tight upper back muscles.  As you can see, though, it does leave marks which makes it prohibitive for many  patients.  It looks like she tried to disguise the marks with makeup perhaps.


between heaven and earth
Fitness and Health Files
Why We Get Cancer
 This UC Berkeley Biologist's efforts to expose the dangers of atrazine, a commonly used fertilizer, and the Chemical Industry's all out assault on him, his research and his reputation.  The quote that I found most chilling from this extensive New Yorker article
"Since the mid-seventies, the E.P.A. has issued regulations restricting the use of only five industrial chemicals out of more than eighty thousand in the environment."

More prevention would go a long way towards the fight against cancer.

My own quest is to make the body stronger through the stress relieving and immune enhancing powers of acupuncture.

Ancient Medicine Made Modern
Acupuncture Research Files

This article looks at acupuncture effectiveness for carpal tunnel.  Traditional acupuncture points at the site of the carpal tunnel pain and also on the opposite leg improved the pain of carpal tunnel. Patients are often surprised when they receive needles in their feet or legs for a problem in their head or hand.  This study confirms the old, traditional ways.
A study that validates
my approach to treating tinnitus. Tinnitus can be very stressful and some previous studies confirm that chronic tinnitus increases patients autonomic hyperactivity.  This study shows that the parts of the brain involved in tinnitus regulate the autonomic nervous system also. So using calming points for tinnitus should help not only stress, but the infernal buzzing also.


First, Do No Harm
Hormone Replacement Therapy Leads to a Worsening in Heart Rate Variability

 I hope I'm not too repetitive with all of the studies on Heart Rate Variability, but it IS my area of interest.  I found this study interesting. They found that women taking HRT had higher sympathetic tone, (an increased "fight or flight" profile.) I'm pleased that this kind of work is being done.  Whenever possible, use natural means for symptom control, as in menopause.  Acupuncture and maybe herbs are the way to go! 

Acupuncture As Good As Synvist for Knee Arthritis

This article outlines the relative effectiveness of various treatments for knee arthritis.
Of course, I would have loved to see acupuncture come in with a resounding recommendation, but given the panel, I will take what I can get. They didn't dismiss acupuncture  and it came in tied with Synvist injections.  In the category of "always recommended" there was exercise and strength training and "weight management" and corticosteroid injections.  I will await the well documented control studies before I recommend steroid injections, since they've recently been found to be no better than saline injections for epidural steroid injections for back pain.

San Francisco 1865orth Bay
Bonus San Francisco Historical Photo
Washer woman lagoon 1865
This photo was taken of the northern shore of San Francisco.  The top of the photo is what is now the Presidio and Golden Gate  (without the Bridge.) The Lagoon was near the end of what is now Franklin street.  Of course the Marina was not yet filled in.  The long wooden fence is most likely where Fort Mason is now. This photo is from the fascinating archive of the SF Public Library Historical Collection.
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