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Patience is rewarded! A typical acupuncture regimen is two sessions per week to start and then spacing out the visits.  But sometimes, ongoing weekly treatment can help intractable problems. It takes a willing patient (with patience.)
Two examples :
Patient 1.  Severe nerve pain in her hands and her feet, a despondent and discouraged  patient giving up on traditional medicine.  But she was determined,  and came in weekly for over a year. She is now vastly improved, not only clinically but in nerve conduction studies.  
Patient 2:  An Army Veteran, who had severe tinnitus and anxiety (they often go together.) He came in fairly consistently over a period of 2 years, and both conditions are under control.  He stayed with it and reaped the benefits.
So, though weekly visits are not required, many people like and benefit from frequent treatment.
The holidays are upon us, so come in for stress reduction or whatever ails you, I look  forward to seeing you in the clinic
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Celebrity Acupuncture Files
  Julianne Moore has used acupuncture for back pain, insomnia and grief and other conditions.  No wonder she looks so good at age 52!

Fitness and Health Files
Even runners can be too sedentary!
5 foods for a trim waistline

There is mounting evidence that too much sitting is hazardous.  I have covered this in the blog and newsletter before, but it bears repeating.  This article estimates that you lose 22 minutes off your lifespan for every hour of TV watched after age 25. 
Eat to lose inches?? This article lays out 5 foods to eliminate belly fat.

Ancient Medicine Made Modern
Acupuncture Research Files

An article on the 20 year history of the physiology of acupuncture for blood pressure regulation.
And a review article on the science behind acupuncture's effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

First Do No Harm
The Ongoing Controversy: Statins

Statins are not benign.  They can cause memory issues, pain syndromes, may increase cataract risk, lead to fatigue, impede fitness training,  and may or may not prolong life depending on your demographic.  Please think and evaluate whether they are right for you. 
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