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More medical news supporting your involvement with alternative medical choices, like acupuncture. The presenter of this video  (discussed below) points out that Medical Care is one of the number one causes of death in this country!  Information follows about healthy tweaks to your diet and lifestyle to curb cancer, and for longer life.
 And experts are sounding the alarm about the increase in antibiotic resistance from antibiotic overuse. Seek natural solutions whenever possible!!

My study was selected for a poster presentation at the International Scientific Acupuncture and Meridian¬  Symposium (ISAMS) in Stockholm in October, 2013. So I will be able to report on the conference and how my presentation went in the next newsletter.
I hope everyone is well and look  forward to seeing you in the clinic  for health problems or system balancing and calming.
In the blog, I have some additional posts that explore some of the underpinnings of my latest poster and a study on moxibustion and immune function.  Since Moxibustion can be used at home, (it is an herb that burns in cigar form) I have become more interested in having patients use it so they can keep their visits to a minimum.  It is especially useful for allergies, and IBS.   



First, Do No Harm
Antibiotics and Acne Medications

As you might have seen in the lay press, antibiotic resistance is on the rise.  One of the culprits is the huge amount of antibiotics fed to livestock.  For more, click here.
There was also a report that an expert panel who recommended medications for acne were on the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies that make the medications.  Follow the money: cheaper over the counter medications are equally effective, and topical always safer.

pain figure
Tinnitus Can Cause Great Suffering!
Acupuncture Research Files
Acupuncture for Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus)

 Acupuncture is commonly used for tinnitus.  A recent study showed that chronic tinnitus sufferers have higher stress levels (lower Heart Rate Variability, my research interest) so part of reason acupuncture works is by decreasing stress and affecting the autonomic nervous system.  A patient of mine has gotten great relief from tinnitus and anxiety with acupuncture.

Tennis for strength
Fitness and Health Files

A recent study by Dean Ornish, shows that stress reduction, a plant based diet, and moderate exercise can "improve your cells" and lead to longer life. Improving your cells means lengthening your telomeres, a marker of longevity.
Know what else improves telomeres?  Astra Essence, my favorite longevity herb. It keeps you healthy, and lets you live long. I've taken it every day for over 13 years!
And lastly, this is a link to a video with simple dietary and lifestyle steps to stave off cancer. The main message was water, plant based (vegan if possible) diet, exercise, and mushrooms to boost the immune system.  But watch the whole thing if you're so inclined.  Thanks to Marsha Nunley for this tip!

Tape that jaw!
Animal Acupuncture in the News

This time for an albino alligator in Brazil with scoliosis!  And acupuncture worked great, he was then able to swish and waddle as before.  He didn't have to believe in it to work... If you look closely, you can see the needles.

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