August 2013
Issue: 19
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My study was selected for a poster presentation at the International Scientific Acupuncture and Meridian  Symposium (ISAMS) in Stockholm in October, 2013. I'm putting the finishing touches on the study which explores a small group of patients extremely sensitive to needling and their clinical outcomes and stress levels (Heart Rate Variability.)
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First, Do No Harm:  Overuse of Antidepressants, and Renaming Cancer

It probably comes as no surprise that antidepressants are overprescribed.  This study lays it out clearly.
In other news, cancer experts would like to relabel certain biopsy findings as something besides "cancerous."  With many of these irregularities, a safer and healthier approach for patients is to wait and watch. But once the word "cancer" is out there it's hard to do just that.      
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Careful with Medications and Labels!


 Acupuncture Research Files: Acupuncture for Smoking Cessation and to Calm the Nervous System After Colectomy

Acupuncture at a single point, Heart 7, was studied on smokers.  After acupuncture, the crucial areas in the brain responsible for cravings were not firing as much. This is the same point used for alcoholism in studies.
In another study, researchers used ear acupuncture and measured stress levels (Heart Rate Variability)after abdominal surgery in patients. The patients who had the ear acupuncture had much lower stress levels after surgery.

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Use Acupuncture to Quit
  Fitness and Health Files: Leg Cramps, and Healthy Bones 
It always seems to come down to exercise. Do it!
Leg Cramps are an annoying phenomenon that can interfere with sleep. Some patients I see swear by one Gatorade a day for prevention. In this article they point out that quinine, which was recommended in the past, is too dangerous, and magnesium (a popular remedy)  is of doubtful utility.  Five  minutes of exercise before bed, for example on an exercise bike, is very helpful according to one expert.
This article outlines simple measures to counteract osteoporosis and the risk of age related fractures. The key is weight bearing exercise, and/or even simple squats.  As I've mentioned before, squats and thigh work are great for anti-aging since they stimulate Growth Hormone. 
 Animal Acupuncture in the News 
Dog getting Acupuncture
Doesn't hurt a bit!
Nice article describing some great results on acupuncture for pets.

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First Do No Harm: Anti-Depressants:Overused, Relabeling Cancer
Acupuncture Research: Quit Smoking, Ear Acupuncture for Post-Op stress
Fitness and Health: Leg Cramps and Healthy Bones
Animal Acupuncture for Pets

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