July 2013
Issue: 18
Mission Creek II
SF CITY SIGHTS: "Down on the Bayou" Mission Creek

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I hope everyone is getting some rest and relaxation or more vigorous and frequent exercise, whichever means "summer" for you.
Even Fox News admits that acupuncture is a  "stress reliever," and helps you to rest and digest. Take advantage of the more flexible scheduling of summer and come on in for a treatment.  The clinic is busier than ever, but I'll do my best to fit you in!

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First, Do No Harm: Overuse of Antibiotics, or Why Bacteria Are Your Friends

Michael Pollan, Berkeley resident and best selling author, penned a great piece on the complicated science of our own bacteria. We've discussed the current guidelines on antibiotics quite a bit on the blog and newsletters and the hazards of overuse.   
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Careful with Medications!


 Acupuncture Research Files: Needle Sensitivity and Acupuncture Effectiveness

Acupuncture Research posts were over represented this month on the blog.  Most of the posts were technical, so I won't list any of them here. I will link to this interesting study about personality and needling because it relates to the topic of my next poster presentation.  In the fall I will be traveling to Stockholm for an international acupuncture conference and hope to present a small study on patients' needle sensitivity, HRV, and acupuncture effectiveness. 

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Sensitivity to Needles May Make You a Great Patient
  Fitness and Health Files: Peanut Butter as Diet Food and Sleep, the Fountain of Youth 
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Sleep Already!
More good news on "things that we thought were bad might be good": peanut butter may help you lose weight!
And science confirms, it is important to get your "beauty sleep" to live longer. Not specifically mentioned in the article is the role of Growth Hormone produced by healthy sleep which is a natural anti-aging compound.  Click on the photo for some tips for better sleep.
 Bisphenol A and Childhood Obesity and the Anti-inflammatory Potential of Parasites 
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Helping Immune Disorders with Parasites?
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used to harden plastic and is found in the lining of cans, water bottles, and in the receipts from cash registers. This study from China tracked the amount of BPA in the urine of children and their weight, and there was a direct correlation.
I will link, again, to this post with a link to an excellent discussion of inflammation and parasites.  Here is yet another example of parasites affecting immune dysfunction, in this instance inflammatory joint disease. 

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Bacteria: Not All Bad!
Research: Needle Sensitivity
Fitness and Health: Peanut Butter, and Get Your Sleep!
BPA and Obesity. Complicated World of Autoimmune Conditions

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