June 2013
Issue: 17
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Summer is here along with the fog and the busyness of the season.  I submitted recent research to be published just last week, so keep your fingers crossed that it's accepted!

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First, Do No Harm: Diabetes Drug Might be Dangerous, Statins may interfere with Fitness Training

One of the lead investigators of the new diabetes drug, Januvia, has been blowing the whistle with concerns about its safety.  Of course, since it's a "blockbuster" there is quite a bit of pressure against him. 
Comparing two study groups, the group taking statins were unable to improve their fitness levels in contrast to the control group.

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Careful with Medications!


 Acupuncture Research Files: Hypertension and Knee Osteoarthritis
We've discussed knee osteorthritis and acupuncture before in the newsletter.  This study compares isometric exercise versus acupuncture and both were equally effective.  I would suggest both!!
This study shows that acupuncture helps to lower blood pressure even in patients already on medication. 

Woman Stretching
Exercise AND Acupuncture for your knees!
  Fitness and Health Files: 7 minute Workout? Optimal Exercise Schedule and Coffee Prolongs Life 
High Intensity Interval Training
Consistency is the Key!
This article outlines a brutal 7 minute workout, wherein you do a series of exercises quickly, but at maximum intensity. Efficient, maybe, but doesn't sound too fun.
The science is in, don't take more than 2 days off between workouts.
And, yes, in a rare bit of good news, coffee just might be good for you!
Animal Acupuncture in the News: Tigers and Turtles 
Acupuncture for Tigers
Ear Acupuncture
There were two recent stories about exotic animals getting acupuncture.  One was a (sedated) tiger with an intractable ear infection.  The other was a sea turtle with hypothermia.
Turtle getting Acupuncture
In This Issue
More Caution with Statins
Research: Acupuncture Knee Arthritis and High Blood Pressure
Fitness and Health: Coffee Healthy, 7 min workout, and Consistent Exercise
Tigers and Turtles, Oh My!

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