May 2013
Issue: 16
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I am back from  the Society for Acupuncture Research meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Besides having to rent a car for an exorbitant rate out of Chicago because all outgoing flights were cancelled and having to drive through the night to Ann Arbor in torrential rain, it was a most excellent trip. At least my poster went well, and it was a worthwhile event. I will spare you all the academic details. Check the "In this issue" for any topics of interest. 
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Come in before you get carried away with summer plans!  
Kristen Sparrow, MD
First, Do No Harm: Depression AND Antidepressants Associated with Gut Infection

Two studies have found that depression and the use of certain antidepressants are both associated with increased risk for Clostridium difficile infection, an increasingly common cause of diarrhea that in the worst cases can be fatal.
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Careful with Medications!


 Acupuncture Research Files: High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, My Poster, and HRV
Citing just a few of the studies that came out last month.  A great summary on Acupuncture and HRV, my field of research (my poster.) For the geeks out there, studies on High Blood pressure and Acupuncture, Epilepsy and Acupuncture, and more.

Doctors' Lucrative Ties to Pharma and Medical Device Companies  
between heaven and earth
Between Heaven and Earth
This is nothing new to readers of my blog.  But this is just another article outlining the extent of the problem.  This practice of lobbying doctors to entice them to use a company's products add one more level of research that patients have to do before making decisions about a treatment plan. I think there are still many physicians you can trust, but it does underscore the need to be careful. From the article
"If they go to an orthopedic surgeon who recommends a knee transplant, and they go to another who recommends watching and physical therapy, it might be interesting for the patient to wonder to what extent those two physicians have relationships with industry..."
In This Issue
Caution with Anti Depressants
Research: Acupuncture for Hypertension, Society for Acupuncture Research, Epilepsy
Follow the Money: Doctors Being Lobbied

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