April 2013
Issue: 15
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I'm on my way to the Society for Acupuncture Research Meeting.  I'm presenting a poster, a small demonstration of my work on stress levels during acupunctureThe meeting is always interesting and inspiring, so I hope I'll have some news to share for next time. 
From the "First, Do No Harm" files, Sleeping Medications carry more risks than previously thought.  And, it turns out that after great fanfare and expense, robotic surgery provides no benefits over conventional surgery, and the training process has shortened so much that injuries have occurred. (Who would have guessed?)
There were many interesting Acupuncture Research studies this last month, check the "In This Issue Section."
I include the Kim Kardashian photo just cause...
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As always, more at the blog.
It's allergy season, come in to bump up your immune system!   
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First, Do No Harm:  Robotic Surgery and Sleeping Medications

This post links to the sad story of a patient who underwent robotic prostatectomy and had a horrific outcome.  The NYTimes article is entitled "Salesmen in the Surgerical Suite" which says it all.
Since insomnia and sleep disorders are one of the most common ailments I see in the clinic, I did want to draw attention to this recent study, which outlines some of the hazards of prescription sleep medications.  Natural sleep solutions discussed here and here
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Careful with Medications!


 Acupuncture Research Files: Effective for Constipation and Allergies
Acupuncture was shown to decrease stress as measured by Heart Rate Variability and decrease constipation. As a follow up to the March Newsletter discussing the effectiveness of Acupuncture for allergies, there was a letter to the editor from an allergy sufferer who was cured with acupuncture (just like me!)

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Marines and Acupuncture

On the blog, we've covered acupuncture in the military, this is another post linking to an article discussing the topic.  Just click on the photo.

Some of the Cons of Stretching Before Competition

Here is a link to an article covering the data on stretching before workouts and competitions.   
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Benefits in Dispute 

In This Issue
Caution with Sleeping Meds, Robotic $urgeries
Research: Acupuncture for Constipation, Allergies
Acupuncture and the Military
Stretching Before Workouts?

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