February 2013 
Issue: 13
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  I hope 2013 is treating you well!
In this issue more data and suggestions on the trend of standing desks in the workplace, a post on the correct way to do squats for aging knees, and lots from the Acupuncture research files.  I have several items from the "First Do No Harm" file; the hazards of yearly physicals, faulty hip prostheses, environmental pollutants. Dreary topics I know, but if I don't cover them who will?  A bonus item showing Penelope Cruz with her Acupuncture Ear Tacks in place, and don't miss the cartoon from the New Yorker.
I realize only too well that acupuncture cannot fix everything that ails us, but I'm encouraged at the amount of detailed academic research coming out. I hope that the potential of acupuncture will be realized through sophisticated, modern means.   As always, more at the blog. 

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Rethinking the Yearly Physical and Other Health Hazards

 Sometimes, as we've learned in medicine, Less is More.  The problem with the yearly physical is that it can lead to too much testing, which can lead to more testing, which can lead to unnecessary scans and treatments. It also turns out that too much plastic around your food is a problem and in the article cited here "Eat like a Mennonite" the author tried plastic free eating.  From the "Follow the Money" file, it turns out that the makers of the faulty hip prosthetics, knew they were faulty, and, Adderal can kill you so think about some alternatives for concentration.  The good news is that there will be coordinated effort to explore environmental causes of breast cancer.  About time!! 
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Real Prevention: Finding the Causes 


 Standing Desks and Squats

I've covered standing desks before, but the evidence is overwhelming to try to incorporate some standing into your workday. In this post I cover some options and show my low tech version of a standing desk. Ironing board on yoga blocks, so it can be put away easily.  Click on photo for more information.
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Reading while cycling. Nice! 
In this post, there is a link which describes the best technique for doing squats for aging knees.

Acupuncture Studies: Mechanism of Acupuncture for High Blood Pressure, Anti-Aging, Addiction Medicine, and Migraine

Lots of studies this issue. Again, much of this is academic and theoretical, but  hopefully groundwork is being laid for effective approaches to the problems in this section. In this post  they found that not only was true acupuncture better at pain relief for migraine, but had a different brain profile than sham acupuncture. Longhurst explores the mechanism for acupuncture and high blood pressure here.
Neuron death in the hippocampus is associated with aging, and acupuncture can relieve stress which accelerates this process.  The profile of Dr. Volkow, an addiction specialist and neuroscientist is discussed here.
Dr. Volkow
Dopamine: Key to Addiction
Dr. Mehmet Oz : Surgeon or "Operator"

There was a recent profile of Dr. Oz, "The Operator," in the New Yorker, the link and brief discussion is here. 
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In This Issue
Hazards of Plastics, Pollutants, and ?Physicals?
Standing Desks and Squats
Acupuncture Research Files: Migraines, Hypertension, Addiction
Dr. Oz's Advice: Should we Listen?

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