January 2013 
Issue: 12
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  Happy New Year to all!  
In this issue is another acupuncture video from the press, this time with Katie Couric in conversation with an articulate acupuncturist. (I need to memorize her explanations, brilliant!)  Just click on Couric's photo below.   
Other topics discussed in this issue are Mindfulness and Sherlock Holmes, One Point Acupuncture, and from the  Medical Research file: what we can learn from Acupuncture research.   As always, more at the blog. 

Kristen Sparrow, MD
Acupuncture and Mindfulness are Both Great for Focus

 As a fan of Sherlock Holmes and as a meditator (okay, not always super consistent) I loved this article from the New York Times about the benefits of mindfulness meditation on focus as evidenced by brain scans. By coincidence there was also a recent study looking at acupuncture and mental focus. I will be attending a 7 day silent meditation retreat in January, so I hope to come back as brainy as Sherlock Holmes... 
BBC's High Tech Sherlock Holmes
 Caution in Interpreting Medical Research Results

In my capacity as a physician who takes the admonition to "First, Do No Harm" seriously, I like to draw attention to the failings of medical research and practice that are due to the perverse incentives of the profit motive. But there can be other biases also, in believing in treatments that make sense, but don't work.  Or, from the Huffington Post, not believing in a treatment that works (acupuncture) because you can't explain why. 
woman doctor 
What to believe?

Acupuncture Studies: One Point Acupuncture for Pre-op Anxiety and to Help with the Pain of... Acupuncture! 

Acupuncture research will sometimes look at the specific effect of a single acupuncture point.  Recently there have been a few studies looking at Yin Tang, the point between the eyebrows.  It seems to help with stress, pre-op anxiety, and even the pain of acupuncture itself.  Nice!
yin tang
Just a Single Point
Flu Epidemic

So much in the press about the flu.  They say the vaccine has a 50:50 chance of helping.  You know what helps?  Washing your hands!  Wear gloves when out and about, and a neck scarf for good measure.  
In This Issue
Mindfulness, Sherlock Holmes, Acupuncture for Focus
Destructive Incentives in Medical Research
Acupuncture Research:One Point Acupuncture Yin Tang
Flu Epidemic: Wash Your Hands!

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