December 2012 
Issue: 11
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  During our brief San Francisco winter, ancient Chinese Medicine would recommend sleep, rest and contemplation. But they never could have imagined the modern frenetic holidays, where "down time" is in extremely short supply. Soon enough we'll be ringing in  2013, and with it potential and new beginnings.
If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential...  Pleasure disappoints, possibility never.
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Be well and my warmest wishes for a  peaceful and healthy New Year to all!
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Kristen Sparrow, MD

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"First of all, this conversation never happened."

No Anti-inflammatories Before Workouts!

 Learn why anti-inflammatories before a workout, not only harm your gut, but lead to more inflammation and a weaker body. 
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More Caution on Mammography and  Antibiotics. Good News on Probiotics

Yet another study came out casting doubt on the usefulness of mammography in all cases. We've discussed the mammography conundrum repeatedly on the blog and in the monthly emails. We've also discussed some of the pitfalls in the overuse of antibiotics.  And this month there was more discussion of the hazards of antibiotics when it comes to Clostridia Dificile infections, and Pediatric usage.  
On the plus side, it looks like some solid data confirms the benefits of probiotics, or "good bacteria," which may help in the fight against some of the nastiest diseases, such as Clostricia Dificile.
First, Do No Harm

Acupuncture Studies: Itch and the Brain,  Pain Pathways, Acupuncture and the Gut 

This last month there were studies elucidating specific regions of the brain involved in Acupuncture's effectiveness against itch.  They were distinct from the regions involved in placebo and anti-histamines.  There was an interesting study looking at ear acupuncture and gut motility also.  Adenosine seems to play a key role in Acupuncture and the pain response.
Itchy! Acupuncture Helps!
Autism and the Brain

Autism is frighteningly common.  Scientists are studying autism in hopes of new remedies, but in the process are learning more about creativity and brain dynamics as well.
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In This Issue
Hazards of Anti-inflammatories Before Workouts
Mammography and Anti-biotics. Probiotics
Acupuncture Research: Itch, GI distress, Pain
Autism and the Brain

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