November 2012 
Issue: 10
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 We're barreling into the Holiday Season already, so I hope this finds everyone well!!
Lots of health news this last month, so check out the topics in the "In This Issue." But there are many more topics covered on the blog. For example a short, fun, video on the amazing  health benefits of 1/2 hour of exercise a day and summaries of the Time Magazine Alternative Medicine Issue. click here --> Visit our blog
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Flu Shots Questioned

A recent study out of Chicago showed that flu shots were not found to be beneficial. The good news is  that there don't seem to be any serious side effects from the shot. So
,if you like getting the shot, fine.  But if you're disinclined to get it, that's fine too.  Meanwhile, wash your hands! 
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More on Anti-Aging: The Basics and Telomeres

Please link through to posts on the recent Time Magazine Issue on Alternative Medicine and Aging, which discusses telomeres (an intracellular marker for aging) a favorite topic of mine.   The basics are what we all know: diet, exercise, brain exercise, no smoking, meditation. But Acupuncture can be your secret weapon against stress and agingTelomeres show that stress is key in the aging process, and studies show that acupuncture lowers stress.   
The science of anti-aging interests me because it is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, my research is in stress reduction (a key element to longevity) and don't we all want to stay at our best?? 
Acupuncture for Long Life

Acupuncture and Tension Headaches, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis and Insomnia 

This last month there were studies showing acupuncture was helpful in decreasing the incidence and severity of migraine headaches,  delineating parameters for treating tension headaches, showing improved quality of life in multiple sclerosis patients, and effects equal to zolpidem (Ambien) for sleep.  Not too shabby!
Bacteria Friend or Foe?

This post is in two parts about the fascinating work being done on trying to study and restore our normal populations of bacteria that have been wiped out after decades of antibiotic use. 
In This Issue
Flu Shots: Study Raises Doubts
More Anti-Aging
Acupuncture Research: Headache, Migraine, MS, Insomnia
The Perils of Antibiotics: Obesity, Asthma, Bowel Disease

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