September 2012  Issue 8
Issue: 8

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Fall is in the air, and it's the best time to come in for an Acupuncture visit to avoid illness in the winter! According to the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, written in  the third Millenium BC,

"In the three months of autumn... this is the changing or pivoting point when the yang, or active, phase turns into its opposite, the yin or passive phase. One should retire with the sunset and arise with the dawn. (ha ha) One must  gather one's spirit and energy, be more focused and keep the lung energy full, clean and quiet...This will prevent kidney or digestive problems in the winter." 

I look forward to seeing everyone this autumn and I hope to have some good news about my manuscript and a presentation in April at the Society for Acupuncture Research Meeting.
Look at the Table of Contents for issues discussed this month, and stay well!

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P.S.  For the athletes out there a quick link to a post about the advantages of dynamic versus static stretching before a workout
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Detailed Study on Chronic Pain and Acupuncture Affirms Its Effectiveness

There was a recently published study in the Annals of Internal Medicine that showed a 50% reduction in pain scales in chronic pain patients.  This was a very carefully done study that looked only at Acupuncture studies that complied with strict criteria. The authors then spoke to the investigators themselves about the protocols.  The pain was reduced with Acupuncture more than with sham acupuncture ( fake needling or needling at non-acupuncture points) and compared to conventional treatment.  Nice!
Better Sleep with Acupuncture

A recent study looked at post menopausal women and found that not only did their polysomnographic scores improve, but also their mood scores. Click on photo to read more. 
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Patients Say They Sleep Well with Acupuncture
The subjects had 5 weeks of acupuncture, twice a week.  So they did require many visits, but certainly not a burdensome amount.  Also remember to get rid of the computer before bed!  Bad for sleep!

More Medication/Treatment Dangers

Two of the most widely prescribed antibiotics, Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and Levaquin (lovofloxacin) have been found to be linked to fibromyalgia among other problems. In 2010 Levaquin was the best selling antibiotic! These drugs are also related to the rise in MRSA in hospitals, and Clostridia Dificil,  a life threatening bacterial overgrowth in the gut (responsible for up to 55% of cases.) I hope we can get away from the rampant use of antibiotics for everyday conditions, try some alternatives and keep resistant bacteria from propagating and "first do no harm!" 
Here is a link to a post about Dr. Rita Redberg, an internist at UCSF and one of my heroes. She discusses steps to take to avoid overtreatment.  Did you know medical imaging is thought to be the major cause of breast cancer? That's what the article says.  Amazing..    


Dangers of Too Much Hygiene?

I'm sure I'll lose people here, and many will start to wonder of I've really gone off the deep end, but some interesting studies are asking whether we're just too clean!  As a species we evolved over millenia with bacteria and even parasites (gross, I know!) and scientists are studying whether autoimmune diseases and even autism could be related to a LACK of the bacteria and parasites we evolved with. There is even worry about hand sanitizers.
Acupuncture Facelift on Good Morning America

And just for fun, the segment on Acupuncture Facelift from Good Morning America is discussed. (Click on Photo) And, yes,  I do cosmetic acupuncture facelift  in my clinic, but I call it Facial Rejuvenation.  It helps improve facial tone, improve circulation and help fine lines or puffiness.  I have quite a few patients who swear by it and come in regularly.  It cannot help heavy jowls, unfortunately, but for other issues, it's a safe alternative.  Click on the photo for more info
Healthy from the Inside Out

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Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Study
Insomnia (Postmenopausal) and Acupuncture Study
Medical Overtreatment: Antibiotic Dangers and More
Is Modern Society Too Clean? Autism and Autoimmune Disease
Acupuncture Facelift on Good Morning America
Ancient Wisdom Made Modern: Your Way to Long Life

Ancient Medicine Made Modern
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