August  2012
Issue: 7



In this issue we look at
  • Acupuncture for Fertility IVF and IUI 
  • A Healthier Heart with Acupuncture   
  • Statins can cause Fatigue, Iron can help Fatigue 
  • Research on Acupoint Specificity  
  • Trouble at the FDA
  • Bonus coupon  
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Kristen Sparrow, MD
Consensus on Acupuncture Protocols for  Optimizing IVF and IUI

In this post,(click on the photo) I link to the most recent consensus on acupuncture techniques to aid in in vitro fertilization, and intrauterine insemination. 
Healthy Pregnant woman 
Healthy Pregnancy with Acupuncture!
Given the hazards of hormones involved in fertility treatments and the efficacy of acupuncture, not to mention the exorbitant cost of fertility treatments, you might want to try the  acupunctur alternative first.  If you are interested in this topic click on the blue link above for more information and links.  
Healthier Hearts with Acupuncture

Anyone familiar with my research interest knows that I have been studying HRV (heart rate variability) in conjunction with acupuncture for over a decade.   (Yikes!  Time flies... Wait a minute, no Nobel Prize yet??)  Recent studies confirm my work and have found that acupuncture improves HRV (an intrinsic sign of health) (click on photo.)
Strong Woman Tennis Player 
Use Acupuncture for Health!
In this article, they also mention the benefits of acupuncture for High Blood Pressure, which was covered in the May 2012 Newsletter.  So I'm glad this science is getting more attention, maybe my Nobel will be next....
Statins Can Cause Fatigue

It had been observed anecdotally that statins could cause fatigue in patients, and now studies confirm that.
"But as a group, those on statins were significantly more likely than those on placebo to report that their overall energy level and their energy on exertion had declined. The effect was more apparent in women than in men."   
And on the subject of fatigue in women, iron has been shown to be helpful in many women.  As some of my female patients know, I recommend iron for a number of issues.    


FDA Spied on Whistleblowers

The hazards of excess radiation are well known, and as a country we already get an overdose from medical testing, as we discussed in the April Newsletter.  In the article discussed here, there were whistleblowers at the FDA who tried to stop the release of colon imaging devices that delivered 600 to 800 times the radiation of more standard units.  Obviously there was money involved and the whistleblowers were targeted for surveillance. Sad and scary when the watchdog agencies tasked with citizens' safety are corruptible and corrupted.


Brain Specificity of Acupuncture Points

Though I realize this kind of research is not of interest to the lay person,  I think it is important in building the case for the legitimacy of acupuncture treatments, and more specifically for traditional acupuncture point selection.  It turns out that there IS a difference in where individual points are reflected in the brain, so it is not sufficient to randomly place needles.  
Calm Down, Live Long

In This Issue
Acupuncture and Fertility
Healthy Hearts with Acupuncture
Statins, Iron and Fatigue
FDA Corrupted
Research Files: Acupuncture Point Specificity
Ancient Wisdom Made Modern: Your Way to Long Life

Ancient Medicine Made Modern
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