March 2012
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In this issue, I outline some basic tips for anti-aging.  Aging is as natural as rain, so it is fruitless to agonize over it, but below are some measures to age in a healthy manner.
In the "First, Do No Harm" segment of this email, the latest on Statins (cholesterol lowering medications), and the warning that the FDA has issued about statins and cognition.

And finally  from the Acupuncture Research file, "Acupuncture, Low Back Pain and the stress response"
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Link to an interview with me in the Examiner.  If you know anyone interested in acupuncture, this may be a reasonable introduction.
Serious Anti-Aging Measures, Ancient and Modern
A few tips I've learned along the way.
Use exercise to fuel the brain and keep healthy

Use squats and thigh work and self foot massage to pump up natural anti-aging hormones

Use astragalus and Astra Essence keep illness away and stay young. It's all about the telomeres.

FDA Issues Warning On Statins

In addition to the problems with increased diabetes risk and muscle aches, now the FDA is concerned about cognition side effects  including memory issues and confusion. I was alerted to this problem at a UCSF conference a few years ago. And, now, a new study showing that statins age and fatigue muscles faster. So weigh your risk factors carefully if you're taking the statins, and be alert to the above problems.  
Acupuncture, Stress and Low Back Pain: The Science
A study looking at stress levels in back pain patients and the effect of acupuncture on pain and stress, their conclusion "Acupuncture effectively relieves the pain and improves the autonomic status and hence can be used as an alternative/additive treatment modality in these cases."
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Anti-Aging Tips:Ancient and Modern
FDA Warning on Statins
Acupuncture, Stress and Back Pain

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