As the end of summer gets closer and closer, our days get busier than ever. But between camps and activities coming to a close and last minute trips to get school supplies it is important that we all slow down for just a moment to think of how blessed we are. God shows us His love in so many ways in our lives, and it is up to us to show that same love to the rest of the world! 
It is only through the efforts of Catholic World Mission, powered by generosity like that of our CWM Family, that we can truly spread the love of Christ around the globe. 
See how you have helped others know God's love:
Back to School! 
The students of Mano Amiga schools around the world are receiving a quality, Catholic education, but still have many needs until they can reach their full potential. Read more on how you can help illuminate their minds by giving the life-changing gift of education!
Constructing Communities for Christ!
With your help we are igniting the Spirit in the hearts of our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ. Read their inspiring journey of joining together to build a spiritual home and connect to Christ!
Letter from Agnieszka

This mission in Poland is vital to bring the people back to the Church. Our partner, the Legionaries of Christ, know that no one is too young to embrace Jesus, and it is never too late. Read how Agnieszka experienced the love of God and how she was inspired to ignite the Spirit in others! 
Thank you!  
from the Atlanta-based Catholic World Mission team!

(not pictured: Amber DeMartino)

It is your support that makes our mission possible! 
Prayer Intentions
Praying for you is part of our mission - whether you send in your prayer intentions by mail, online, over the phone, or by e-mail, we will lift you up in prayer. We reserve a special time each week to ask God to bless you abundantly.