Around the world there are people yearning for Christ's love and influence in their lives. With your help, Catholic World Mission has been able to show them that love which they long for - and help them to know the joy and dignity of being made a child of God. We wouldn't be able to do this without your support and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Of course as much as has been accomplished there is still much to do:
A City Forgotten

The faithful people of Maribojoc, Philippines felt their lives fall apart when the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit in October 2013 - lasting only 28 seconds with the force of 32 Hiroshima bombs. Help them alleviate their suffering 
and recover from the deadliest earthquake in 23 years!
You're Making Apostles of Christ!

With your help we are illuminating the minds of lay catechists in Malawi! Read their inspiring journey to spread our faith and bring more souls back to Christ!
Clean Water Changes Lives

Because of you and our CWM family, students in Ghana can now cut a 10 mile search for water out of their day! This allows them to focus on studying and getting to school on time! Read how the gift of water changes lives here.
Thank you!
from the Atlanta-based Catholic World Mission team!
(not pictured: Amber DeMartino)

It is your support that makes our mission possible!

Praying for you is part of our mission - whether you send in your prayer intentions by mail, online, over the phone or by e-mail we will lift you up in prayer. We reserve a special time each week to ask God to bless you abundantly.

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