Will you be a Christmas
Miracle to Hungry Children?

Please donate and be a Christmas Miracle to Hungry Children today.

Our goal is to provide chicken and apples for each child; build a cafeteria and provide the resources for a jeep by Christmas.



So many times this season gets packed with buying gifts, attending holiday parties, rushing to finish projects at work, buying more gifts... We can so easily let this beautiful season of selfless giving in our Church pass us by.


"It is more blessed to give than to receive" - Acts 20:35

Jesus' message goes beyond the slashed prices, mega-deals and buying we encounter in all the store fronts and commercials.

Jesus teaches us to give all to him by giving to others.

Jesus teaches us to give until it hurts.

Jesus teaches us to give to the poor.

Jesus teaches us to take the coat off our back and give it to someone in greater need.

Having recently spoke with Fr. Seby in India it is with a sense of urgency I reach out to you during this season of giving. On a daily basis Fr. Seby witnesses suffering no children should ever endure. This Christmas, you can make a miracle happen in the lives of some of the poorest children on earth.

Throughout some of the most remote tribal villages in India, over 600 children are in dire need of food, shelter and transportation to medical assistance. The dishonorable living conditions of so many forgotten people here are difficult to imagine in our modern day. Trapped in a world where resources seem to exist only for the elite, the children carry on with dignity despite extreme circumstances:

  • Only seeing their parents once a month due to them working at a distant factory
  • Eating a small portion of rice and lentils on the dirt floor every day of their lives
  • "Roaming with the cows" as coined by the locals - roaming the woods collecting firewood and anything of value
  • Sleeping and studying in an overly crowded dormitory
  • Lacking the basic food and medicine needs of every child due to limited transportation and being hundreds of miles of unpaved roads away from the nearest hospital
While I am humbled by the strength and fortitude of these children, they cannot go on without our intervention!



You - your prayers and your kindness - are what saves these kids!


So, during this season of giving I ask - 

will you help make a Christmas miracle happen for these children?


With your support today we can give the children an extra special Christmas gift this year:

  • A simple meal of chicken and apples on Christmas day
  • Expand the school and build a desperately needed cafeteria
  • Provide the resources for a jeep, that will be a lifeline for the children in these remote villages

How are you called to respond to Christ's words: "It is more blessed to give than to receive" - Acts 20:35


Without us, education and social uplift are inaccessible dreams!  Please check out our website for more pictures and stories of the plight of the tribal people in India.


With all my heart, thank you for having the heart of a missionary this Christmas. God bless you on your journey this season, and please submit your prayer intentions to me here. It's an honor and a privilege!


Yours in Christ,