Will you help keep the Mission Alive in Kenya?
Together, let us tell these brothers: "You are not alone!" 
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"It is our desire to not only feed these desperate people, but help them obtain education, life skills, see the face of God in us, and feel the power of God in themselves." missionary Brother Roshan says.


Our September drive to support the Missionaries of the Poor brothers in Kenya has been extended into October. We are at 70% of our goal!


The Lord is truly working wonders through the nine young missionaries in Kenya. Though the famine has started to subside the need for community support is still great. Now feeding up to 200 people per day, educating 120 children, housing and caring for up to 25 special needs adults and children, the missionary brothers are stretched to capacity.


Please consider what you can provide for the people in Kenya:



We cannot turn away these brothers! They look to us with the most selfless plea imaginable. They ask nothing for themselves, but only yearn to lift the people out of deplorable conditions.

Can you help Keep the Mission Alive in Kenya?



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