We cannot afford to lose missionaries due to lack of funding.


The Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo, or full-time missionaries, give of themselves completely. These men, who have families of their own, work for the church in support of parishes and communities. In all there are 474 ETCs throughout 62 dioceses in Latin America.

Our August drive to fund full time missionaries in Mexico has been extended into September! We are at 75% of our goal to fund two missionaries in the state of Chiapas. 


These missionaries in the cities of Tuxtla and Tapachula manage the needs of desperate families in a migrant shelter, including children who have run away from home. The goal is to keep them safe, in their own country, while tending to the problems that forced them to flee in the first place.


My friends, these children live in situations that are difficult for us to imagine. In neighborhoods over-run by drugs, crime and violence, families feel they have no choice but to let their children go. 

Can you help us stop this dangerous trend?

  Our current drive is to fund the vast needs of the two ETC missionaries in Tuxtla and TapachulaThey struggle to provide food, clothing, medicine and shelter for migrant children and families, while also supporting themselves and their families.


Your donation today will help us finish strong, ensuring the ETC missionaries have the resources to tend to the vast needs of families in these border cities.

  • $50 can arm the missionaries with supplies and food for the children
  • $100 can offset their costs in working with the local schools
  • $250 can help sponsor a full time missionary
Any amount helps! 
What can you give today?






CWM Prayer Intentions

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