Who will protect these children & help them build a better future?

Let us not allow poverty and violence to stand in the way of building a better future for our children.  What can you give today? 




From Mano Amiga to Medical School

Living proof that the Mano Amiga system works! See Alvaro Stiven's story here.


As we prepare for our own children to head back to school, let us please not forget our extended Mano Amiga family. Children in our Mano Amiga (Helping Hand) schools are badly in need of school supplies in order to continue their journey toward a future filled with hope and well-being. In communities throughout Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and the Philippines- children rely on us!


Please consider what you can provide for these students as they gear up for school:



Given the circumstances many of these children face on a daily basis - the ramifications of poverty, crime and drugs - the safe haven of Mano Amiga is essential to their future!


We've been blessed this past fiscal year to provide scholarships to children in more countries than ever before. But the need is growing! Please help us keep these children in school, formed in the faith, supplied with what they need-ready to build their future and transform societies.



CWM Prayer Intentions

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