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Summer, 2014   

From big American cities to small Filipino villages, the Catholic World Mission team sees the Lord at work every day. Here's a glimpse at recent successes and challenges:
Our spring capital needs campaign has funded the construction of two high school classrooms in Mano Amiga Tapachula! This school in the mostly-impoverished state of Chiapas has been able to accommodate children through middle school only. Students will now have the opportunity to complete their studies through high school.  

Please join our drive to supply Mano Amiga schools in Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and beyond with basic needs such as shoes, uniforms and backpacks! Thousands of children need our help.  



Missionaries in the villages of Karad and Chikalda on the west coast of India work with villagers to make headway on construction of the centers to provide basic needs and social uplift. One is complete and 2 are in progress thanks to a gift from a major donor. Nine more to go!  Can you help?  




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Call to find out how you can be included in powerful Novena prayers to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. 



As always, submit your daily prayer intentions here!  


A 30-year calling and near-death accident led this priest to initiate a new Catholic orderunder the patronage of St. Therese of Lisieux. Will you please help us plant the seeds of the "Little Flower" and continue the momentum begun on this important journey?  


Flooding and mudslide victims in The Balkans are receiving relief from CWM and the Bosnian-American community, as a 40-foot container of supplies and medicines is en-route to the Croatian coast. Thousands of people are homeless after the worst flooding in more than a century swept through entire towns.



Donations to Catholic World Mission alleviate suffering while bearing fruit for generations to come. We scrupulously target our efforts, supporting projects with practical applications to help people in need use their God-given talents to become the self-sufficient, dignified children of God they were created to be. Every donation, large or small, is put to the best use possible, planting seeds of hope while unveiling the face of God to the world's most needy.