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Spring, 2014   

From big American cities to small Filipino villages, the Catholic World Mission team sees the Lord at work every day. Here's a glimpse at recent successes and challenges:
Answering a desperate plea from the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman, we are now building community centers
to provide stability and hope for indigenous people on the west coast of India.

Deacon Rick Medina interviews a former tribal villager in India, now missionary priest, discussing their work in student hostels. See the video.


One man's reflection on his driving inspiration to give without limits: CWM is humbled to count Mr. Norbert Roessner as a loyal donor and our Lights of the World spotlight this month.

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Thanks to a major effort by our donors, CWM has been able to ship two 40-foot containers of medicines, hospital beds and supplies to re-stock The Divine Word hospital-still in recovery mode six months after the devastating typhoon. 

We are a bit short of our goal to fund a classroom, lab and safety equipment for Mano Amiga schools in the impoverished state of Chiapas. Help us finish strong for the sake of these needy children who will lose their chance to graduate from Mano Amiga without our help! 


Many thanks to our generous donors who have offered an endowment to fully fund an impoverished child's K-12 education. A bequest to Catholic World Mission changes lives for generations to come. Read about our planned giving and endowment program here. 


The final stage of our medical clinic construction is about to begin! The clinic roof is in transport to Ghana, adding the finishing touch to a project that is expected to save lives and provide the first viable medical facility ever in this village.



Donations to Catholic World Mission alleviate suffering while bearing fruit for generations to come. We scrupulously target our efforts, supporting projects with practical applications to help people in need use their God-given talents to become the self-sufficient, dignified children of God they were created to be. Every donation, large or small, is put to the best use possible, planting seeds of hope while unveiling the face of God to the world's most needy.


P.S. We consider it a privilege and a blessing to pray for your intentions. Please send us your prayer intentions.