Urgent help needed to build community centers in tribal villages!




 1. Construction of a Community Center:



2. Sponsor a Missionary to work in the community centers:

3. Care for students in over-crowded hostels.

Blessed with an invitation from the Archbishop of Goa and Daman, I have just returned from an enlightening visit to the west coast of India.


Archbishop Ferrão and the missionaries of St. Francis Xavier led me on a journey through tribal villages where Christianity thrives despite extreme poverty and forces against the faith.





In 72 tribal villages just north of Mumbai, thousands of families are in dire need. In reality, economic success in India belongs to only a small portion of the population. The deplorable living conditions of so many forgotten people here are difficult to imagine in our modern day. Trapped in a world where resources seem to exist only for the few, villagers carry on with dignity despite extreme circumstances:

  • No running water, electricity, proper bathrooms or sanitation systems.
  • Children sitting on the floor at home and at school to eat and study.
  • Families separated, as parents are forced to choose between keeping their children home and offering them an education in a distant hostel.
  • People existing hand-to-mouth, farming their own food with support only from the untiring dedication of local missionaries.

The missionaries have plans to construct 12 community centers throughout these tribal areas. Two buildings are in progress, but the mission needs funding for 10 more.


Community centers provide stability and hope by facilitating basic needs:

  • pooling of village resources
  • the only source for electricity
  • a place for children to study
  • a dwelling for missionaries to offer sacraments and tend to community needs.

Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier, commonly known as the "Pilar Fathers" in India, are paving the way here for social and spiritual uplift. Time is of the essence, as secular politics may cast a shadow on current efforts!


Please check out our website for more pictures, stories and videos of the plight of the tribal people in India. And see how you can help dignify our brothers and sisters in Christ!


May God bless you for your consideration and prayer of this exciting new opportunity to further the Kingdom of God on Earth!


Yours in Christ,









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