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Lent 2014   


The clock is ticking for us to reach our spring goal to help Mano Amiga schools make much-needed capital improvements before next school year.

Please look for your Hand of an Angel campaign mailing, or donate here to keep these important schools operating for our precious children in Mexico.



Mano Amiga Tapachula, teachers are cringing to see their 8th graders leave school with few options ahead. Until proper high school facilities are put in place, many students who have made so much progress will leave school, becoming vulnerable to the unfortunate negative influences of crime and drug-dealing in their neighborhoods.


Please help us build a high school classroom and provide computer and science lab supplies to keep our Tapachula kids in school!



Mano Amiga Santa Fe de la Laguna is in the culturally-rich state of Michoacan, where the population is mostly indigenous to the land. Poverty is rampant and options are few for these Mano Amiga families. This school makes-do on little, but needs our help to purchase computers and a security camera to keep the children well-educated and safe!


Thank you for your consideration of a generous donation on behalf of our needy brothers and sisters in Christ in Mexico. And please don't forget to send us your prayer intentions!


God Bless you this Lent and always,


The Catholic World Mission team


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Donations to Catholic World Mission alleviate suffering while bearing fruit for generations to come. We scrupulously target our efforts, supporting projects with practical applications to help people in need use their God-given talents to become the self-sufficient, dignified children of God they were created to be. Every donation, large or small, is put to the best use possible, planting seeds of hope while unveiling the face of God to the world's most needy.


P.S. We consider it a privilege and a blessing to pray for your intentions. Please send us your prayer intentions.