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Lent 2014   


We are capable of doing good works for the benefit of others and for the greater glory of God. The extent to which we are able to do these good works vary from person to person. Have you ever come across someone who seems to be able to do so many good things and wondered how he or she is able to do so much? How come some people can do so much more than others?


Is it because one person has more opportunities to do good than the other? Perhaps. But you would think God gives all of us equally as many opportunities to do good in our current state of life, no matter what that state of life happens to be.


Is it because one person has more means or better talents and skills, at his/her disposal? Perhaps. It is certainly plausible. But what if two people have the same number of opportunities and similar talents, skills and means at their disposal? How come one can do more than the other?


Is it because one person has more time than the other? Did God not give us all the same 24 hours in a day?


I believe the answer is because one loves more than the other. Because "God is love", it only makes sense that the more we love, the more we are able to do. The more we love, the more we align ourselves with the One who is Love. We all possess love and we have much to be grateful for. God, I am sure, is happy with whatever we do, big or small, as long as we do it out of love.


If you ever desire to do more, or were wondering if you could do more - for yourself, for loved ones, for others, instead of wishing you had more resources (time, talent, or treasure), consider praying to God to grow more in "love." Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity once said, "Do not tire of asking for love; it transforms everything - even time. Thus when one loves much, one has plenty of time, time in which to do many things."


The person who loves more - overcomes more, bears more, sacrifices more, understands more, gives more.


Thank you for your support of our many brothers and sisters in need around world. We appreciate everything you have given us, big or small. We are truly grateful because we understand your contribution was done out of love. May God continue to bless you, and may God implant in you an even deeper burning desire to love Him and His people even more than you already do.


Yours in Christ, 




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