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Welcome to Advent, a season of anticipation, hope and joy. As we look forward to celebrating the first coming of our savior, Jesus Christ, I reflect on His life as a model of selfless giving. Advent is a time to explore and share our own personal mission in this life.


I am grateful for the many people in my life and the Catholic World Mission family who exemplify the true spirit of the season. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your generous spirit and concern for God's people in need all over the world.


This season we have a wonderful opportunity for you to keep the meaning of Advent and Christmas in your heart, while sharing your passion with your loved ones.


A donation to Catholic World Mission makes a meaningful Christmas gift.


I invite you to gift your loved ones with a donation to Catholic World Mission four pillar work. Kindly fill out the form on our website, and we will send an acknowledgement postcard specifying the gift you have sent on behalf of your loved one. What a beautiful way to share your mission and partake in the spirit of the season!  It takes just a couple of minutes- less time than you'll spend in the mall this season, for certain.


We rely on each of you to continue our important four pillar work. Your year-end gift is critical for so many people. Every gift counts, and we can assure you it is put to good use.


$50 - feeds a family for weeks in Kenya


$100 - supplies medicines to re-stock the Bethany Hospital in Cebu, Philippines.


$250 - provides school desks and teacher salaries in Tent City, Haiti


$390 - gives a semester of Catholic school education for an impoverished child in Mexico


$500 - helps with re-building efforts in Malapascua, Philippines.


Whatever your passion: re-building in the Philippines, Catholic school scholarships for impoverished children, feeding the hungry in Kenya or any of our programs to help people in need-please take this opportunity to live your faith journey with us.


Truly, this is a season of hope. In the wake of turmoil and destruction in my home country, the Philippines, we see the coming together of people all over the globe to support and pray for people in need. God's mercy resonates.


Thank you for having the heart of a missionary.


God bless you this Advent season and always.

Yours in Christ,