Urgent need 
for help: 
please donate to Typhoon victims today  

Call 1-800-961-8153 for more information or questions on our Philippines program


I know you have seen reports and images of the devastation in my homeland, the Philippines. It is an unfathomable event. The five-figure death toll, still climbing. Seeing the tragic images of my country's eastern seaboard is surreal. But the harsh reality is that among those who survived the Typhoon, most have no home, no food, no water, no medicine and little-to-no help.  

It's times such as these that we tend to feel helpless. Finding credible and reliable charitable partners in this area of the world can be difficult:
which is why we are blessed at Catholic World Mission to have affiliates on the ground, ready to hand distribute water and medicines to Filipinos in the areas of Cebu and Palawan-the hardest hit provinces.   

Our own Mano Amiga school is leading this aid effort with Global Shapers, an international non-profit organization with a chapter in the Philippines.
The first shipment of water and medicines will take place today (Wednesday) with another following on Friday. These first few days are critical for people to have water and basic supplies in the wake of this disaster. We would appreciate any donation you can make in a timely manner.      

All funds collected though Catholic World Mission will be distributed to Mano Amiga, the coordinator of  this important collaborative project.      

Please don't delay, as time is of the essence. We are a people called to serve. And there are so many now in need of our service. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about this program and work on behalf of the Typhoon victims. 

We also ask you to please join us in prayer for the victims of this disaster. And as always, we invite you to
submit your own prayer intentions on our website. While I cannot thank you each personally for your financial and spiritual support, we can come together in spirit as one body of Christ, supporting each other and our fellow man.

Yours in Christ,