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September 2013   

From big American cities to small African villages, the Catholic World Mission team sees the Lord at work every day. Here's a glimpse at recent successes and challenges:
Faces of God around the World

Thanks to our loyal and generous donors, CWM ends the fiscal year helping people in more areas of the world than ever before. See stories of great success and great need in our recent newsletter.

We appreciate any donation you can make to support our ongoing work. God bless you!

Dr. Nicholas Perricone


The world-renowned doctor of youthful health and beauty and author of seven best-selling books Dr. Nicholas Perricone, has answered the call for social justice in Brazil. Committed to serving impoverished children through education, Dr. Perricone yearly sponsors dozens of children in Mão Amiga Brazil. 


"It is a privilege and honor to help the beautiful children of Brazil gain th
e education and guidance they need for a fulfilling, creative and productive life" the good doctor tells us. CWM honors Dr. Perricone in our Lights of the World feature here.
With the energy of World Youth Day still resounding in Brazil,
Pope Francis has made a strong call for social justice in that country. "No one can remain insensitive to the inequalities that persist in the world," the Pontiff told residents of a shantytown there.

Current Campaign: Full-time missionaries rely on us 

As husbands, fathers and lay citizens, these fulltime evangelizers have given their hearts and careers to helping the destitute in Mexico. Sponsorships are desperately needed to keep the ETC evangelizer program in place. Due to budget constraints, missionary numbers are dwindling.Read more and donate here!

Carlos Davila has visited thousands of homes during his tenure as an ETC missionary. See his story of hope and healing here.
Fall Medical Shipments

Replace this rusty operating table at a hospital in Ghana. Every dollar donated brings $100 in medical supplies! Our fall goal is to raise $30,000 in order to secure and ship $3 million in desperately needed antibiotics and medical supplies to stock hospitals in Ghana. Doctors at the Enchi District Hospital are in need of a supplies including a new operating table.
Children Give Thanks

The students of Mano Amiga Santa Catarina wrote letters and brought offerings of treats to thank Catholic World Mission donors for helping their school. The school has been in need of an updated electrical system. Recent donations are allowing for an overhaul. See what this means for the students and what else is needed.



Donations to Catholic World Mission alleviate suffering while bearing fruit for generations to come. We scrupulously target our efforts, supporting projects with practical applications to help people in need use their God-given talents to become the self-sufficient, dignified children of God they were created to be. Every donation, large or small, is put to the best use possible, planting seeds of hope while unveiling the face of God to the world's most needy.


P.S. We consider it a privilege and a blessing to pray for your intentions. Please send us your prayer intentions.