Community Outreach Update

February 2013

EAGLE-Net Alliance NTIA Suspension: Explanation and Status Update

On December 6, 2012, EAGLE-Net Alliance received a notice for a suspension of award.  According to the letter from the United States Department of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Grants Office which oversees the funding for EAGLE-Net's Broadband Technology and Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant, the reason for suspension is a failure to receive approval from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for partially implemented new network design.


The suspension letter refers in part the changes that were made in certain routes in EAGLE-Net's network and to two endangered species (listed below) that were not addressed in the original environmental assessment (EA).  As the network was engineered and began to be constructed, certain route changes were made that resulted in cost savings and a more robust network infrastructure comprised of more fiber and less microwave, but these changes were initially not put through the proper NTIA change approval process.  These EA concerns about the endangered plant species were raised when EAGLE-Net submitted route changes for approval last year.  The NTIA determined that the suspension should be issued until route changes complete the approval process, and the impact of constructing buried fiber optic cable on these species can be assessed.   As of this date, EAGLE-Net has complied with the NTIA's route change and EA processes and is awaiting federal government feedback.  The goal is to get the suspension lifted as quickly as possible.


Current customers who receive service from EAGLE-Net are not affected by the suspension.  Customers will continue to receive the same quality service that they have been receiving.  The suspension only temporarily halts the construction of new routes that are covered under the grant funding, and has a minimal impact on the day-to-day support of the current network operations.  EAGLE-Net's management and staff are committed to bringing the best service and customer support to their customers during and after this suspension period, and look forward to growing the network in the very near future.


There are two particular EA concerns with wild plants that exist in the southwest region of Colorado:    

  • The Clay-loving Wild Buckwheat (Eriogonum pelinophilum) which grows in Montrose and Delta Counties.  It is a low growing, rounded, densely branched subshrub in the buckwheat family (Polygonaceae). It has dark green inrolled leaves that appear needlelike, and clusters of white to cream colored flowers with greenish-red to brownish-red bases and veins at the end of the branches.

Clay-loving Wild Prairie Buckwheat

  • The Pagosa Skyrocket (Ipomopsis polyantha) grows in Archuleta County.  It is a rare plant endemic to shale outcrops in and around the Town of Pagosa. It's an herbaceous biennial 12 to 24 inches tall, branched from near the base above the basal rosette of leaves. Deeply divided leaves with linear segments are scattered up the stem. Stems and flower clusters are covered with glandular hairs. Flower clusters are along the stem in the axils of the leaves as well as at the top of the stem. The white flowers are 0.4 inch long, with short corolla tubes 0.18 to 0.26 inch long, and flaring corolla lobes flecked with purple dots. 

Pagosa Skyrockets


As noted, EAGLE-Net is working diligently with the NTIA and other federal agencies and tribal organizations to get these concerns resolved as quickly as possible to get the suspension lifted.  Earlier in January, EAGLE-Net returned the requested information and documentation to the NTIA, and is now working through details with the agencies and waiting for a response.  Once EAGLE-Net is back into compliance with the NTIA, and the suspension is lifted, the planning, permitting and construction activities will resume.  Time is of the essence as EAGLE-Net enters into its final season of construction before the BTOP grant sunsets at the end of August 2013.


Again, EAGLE-Net's current customers who are served on the existing network will not see any changes or differences in the service they receive.  The grant suspension's impact on the day-to-day operations of the EAGLE-Net network has been minimalized to prevent any disruption to the customers and their end users.


The full letter of suspension is available on EAGLE-Net's website


EAGLE-Net's initial public response on December 7, 2012 is also available.



EAGLE-Net Appoints President

EAGLE-Net Alliance introduced executive telecommunications expert Mike Ryan, as its new President, effective January 14, 2013. Mr. Ryan will fill the executive leadership role left vacant after Dr. Randy Zila stepped down at the end of 2012 due to family health issues.

Mr. Ryan is a 20-year telecommunications industry veteran and possesses more than 16 years of executive experience of which he spent 12 years at Level 3 Communications. His responsibilities included network construction, dark fiber project management and sales engineering, sales leadership, metro operations and maintenance, network development and business processes. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Deployment and Capital Management at Open Range Communications from 2010-11.


Website: Service Tab Expanded!

We have redesigned our Services tab on the website, adding new information and specification sheets for download.  These changes and new information make it easier and faster to learn about the services offered by EAGLE-Net.


EAGLE-Net Alliance offers a wide range of broadband services that can be customized to fit the needs of public sector entities and broadband service providers. EAGLE-Net works closely with the administrative and technical departments of each customer to assess their current use, potential needs and growth possibilities to find the right service set to fulfill their demands. 


Services offered by EAGLE-Net according to customer type and support documents that can be found online are:

  • Value-Added Services page has a new vendor added!
    • Presilient - Presilient services include 24/7 remote monitoring, administration, management, and data protection. They provide the services and personnel necessary to monitor and manage a customer's entire IT infrastructure. Presilient services benefit both public and private data centers looking to save time and money while improving their operational efficiencies.  Presilient offers:
To learn more about EAGLE-Net Services, please contact


Community Outreach Update

With EAGLE-Net grant funded activity under a temporary work suspension, the Business Development team, which includes the Regional Community Representatives, and Communications team are focusing their attention on meeting with customers and other government and community groups to provide an update on EAGLE-Net's current status. 


They are also looking for operational growth opportunities not funded through the BTOP grant which include the assessment and proposal/solution development for middle mile and last mile collaborations. 


EAGLE-Net Business Development team:

Chip White, Executive V.P. of Business Development
Doug Kissler, Director of Business Systems and Healthcare Vertical
Dr. Neil Schaal, Director of K-20 Education Vertical
Andrew Wright, Director of Government Vertical and Value-Added Services


New RCR Regions
The areas covered by our Regional Community Representatives (RCRs) have been modified as of February 1, 2013.  With the retirement of Darlene Scott at the end of January, her territory has been split between the other four RCRs.  A map and contact information can be found below or on the EAGLE-Net website. 


The RCRs continue to work with community representatives and broadband development planning teams across the state to prepare for the day when grant funded construction resumes after the temporary suspension is lifted. This forward planning will enable government officials to prepare with community broadband teams on how to quickly and best update local messaging, technology planning and implementation coordination. 



To learn more about the current status of EAGLE-Net, schedule a meeting with your local RCR.


Regional Community Representatives:

Phil Cortese, Central Urban Corridor Colorado
Allison Cortner, Mountain Central Colorado
Dave Kavanagh, Northwest/ Northern Colorado
Pat Swonger, Southwest/ West Central Colorado 


Congratulations Darlene Scott!

We wish Darlene Scott a happy and healthy retirement. Darlene has been a fierce advocate for Colorado over several decades.  Her efforts to sustain the economy of the eastern plains and her dedication to small businesses and job creation are unparalleled. Darlene's belief that rural communities should have the same access to technology as urban communities will be appreciated for generations to come.  


Darlene Scott exemplifies professionalism, dedication, and commitment.  She will be missed. 


Congratulations on your retirement and enjoy the extra time on the golf course!


EAGLE-Net Staff