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AppAn App for Everything

I will guess that most of you carry smart phones and/or tablets, if not; I guarantee you use a computer (how else would you be reading this email). Since this technology is an integral part of your professional lives, why not use it to support your practice?

Did you know there are numerous child welfare practice related mobile applications (apps)?
There are! Here are just a few: "Basic Interviewing for Social Workers," "Child Development Milestones," "Critical Thinking," "Elements of Sexual Abuse".

These apps are easy to download, easy to use, and easily one of the best just-in-time learning resources for you and your staff. Here are a few ideas on how you can use these with staff:
  • Basic Interviewing for Social Workers - Watch short video clips on different engagement strategies during individual supervision or a unit meeting and then practice what you observed.
  • Child Development Milestones - Review developmentally appropriate activities for children with your staff prior to a home visit and discuss how they would implement the activity.
  • Have each staff person download an app and present its utility to the unit.
Child Welfare Practice Related Apps
(Note: apps will indicate if they are compatible with Apple (IOS) or Android devices)
Do you have questions related to this article or any of the apps? If so, email Laura Hughes at
ElderWorld Elder Abuse 
Awareness Day

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), information and awareness regarding elder abuse is lagging behind our knowledge and mindfulness concerning child abuse and domestic violence, approximately 20 years. This is staggering. 
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) was launched on June 15, 2006 by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization at the United Nations. The purpose of WEAAD is to provide an opportunity for communities around the world to promote a better understanding of abuse and neglect of older persons by raising awareness of the cultural, social, economic and demographic processes affecting elder abuse and neglect.
The Ohio Human Service Training System (OHSTS) is committed to improving our understanding of abuse and helping to develop professionals who promote the well-being and safety of older adults. Please get involved and help raise awareness every day.
You can find more information on how you can get involved by following this link.
Please join us; lives really do depend on it. Just watch these stories.
AssessorBoost Your Assessors' Skills
Use Post-Assessor Skill Building Assignments in Supervision

Several years ago, the OCWTP developed a series of post-assessor skill building assignments to assist you with the development of Assessors in your unit. These transfer-of-learning materials are great tools to use with staff following a Tier I and Tier II workshop or to revisit critical concepts with seasoned staff.

Dear Supervisor
"Dear Supervisor" is our take on the well-known "Dear Abby" advice column. This segment is devoted to helping supervisors meet the challenges of the job. The questions come from you, child welfare supervisors. If you have a challenge you'd like us to address, email us at

Supervisor Question: What is a good way to help caseworkers learn how to think critically? I try to model critical thinking in my meetings with them, but I'm not sure they "get it." Please offer me any suggestions you can.

checklistSupervisor Quality Checklists
Tools to Enhance Safety Assessment and Safety Planning
Have you ever asked yourself:

"Does a resource exist that will help me improve the quality of my staffs Safety Assessments?"

"Is there a out there that would help me to guide a conversation about  improving safety plans?"

The answer is YES!

Formalized tools are now available to assist supervisors in enhancing the ability of their staff to assess safety and develop safety plans. These tools not only assist in evaluation of work completed, but also support transfer of learning for caseworkers. They also provide education to supervisors about content provided in Caseworker Core regarding the assessment of safety and safety planning and support the implementation of best practice.  

spotlightSACWIS Spotlight
SACWIS Reporting Update

By Jennifer Watson and Kristine Monroe

There have been several new and exciting changes and additions to reports in SACWIS! The following reports have been developed to help agencies better understand the impact of the services they provide: 
  • Identified Fathers Report
  • Family Assessment Risk Contributor Report
  • Agency Safety Plan Contacts Report
In addition, a change has been made to the Cross Referral Letter to Licensing or Supervising Authority, as requested by agency stakeholders. 

Click here to read about these recent SACWIS enhancements.
Superstar SupervisorSuperstarSup
Congratulations Yolanda Stitt, Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services Supervisor!

Work Life
Mrs. Stitt has been employed with CCDCFS for the last 18 years; spending her initial three years in Ongoing Direct Services and the balance of her time providing Supervision in Ongoing. For the last several years she has been placed at the Quincy Place satellite office. She has greatly enjoyed her time with the Agency thus far, feeling she has obtained balance in her work and personal life in effort to cope with the stress this type of work brings.
Mrs. Stitt participates in committees from time to time, including participating in the first Leadership Cohort made available through CCDCFS administration, designed to develop future leaders of the organization through classroom training, discussion of concepts and activities outside of the learning environment.
Mrs. Stitt is a firm believer of a unit built on teamwork. One strategy to build her team is to provide them her time by investing in them what she knows. Another is to have them think critically so they can work independently; creating a work environment that encourages them to work out problems and offer potential solutions, as opposed to knocking on her door for the immediate answer. Her teaming strategy is also designed to recognize the individual talents while treating them equitably as a whole. This has resulted in the stability of those employed, creating for a knowledgeable group and strong decision makers.
Mrs. Stitt compliments their achievements as a team and praises their efforts to work independently; the mutual trust and respect shown is a key ingredient to making it all work.
Family Life
Mrs. Stitt has the support of her husband and their three children. They have a 13 year old daughter and twin boys ages 9. She takes time for herself through regularly working out throughout the week via a variety of different exercises, including kick boxing, weights, cardio and free style. She also enjoys a new passion, books! Right now she is working on two books, her favorite is, "The Shack." Mrs. Stitt enjoys a variety of music as well -R&B, 80's-90's rock, "old" rap, as well as modern rock.
Mrs. Stitt has also attached herself to community service through her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. The work she participates in teaches others about domestic violence prevention at a local shelter, assisting the Urban League, as well as presentation assistance at John Hay regarding a forum on sex trafficking.
We thank Mrs. Stitt for her service to families in the Greater Cleveland area and her focus on keeping children safe.

 Congratulations Yolanda Stitt! Keep up the great work!

Do you have someone you would like to nominate as a "Superstar Supervisor"? Email and tell us about them.
DLDistance Learning Opportunity for You and Your Staff
Ethics: 3 Rs - Recognition, Resolution, and Response

This three-hour course is offered in two 1.5 hour sessions via a virtual
classroom so staff can participate from their own desks. The course provides a review and exploration of Ohio's ethical standards for counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists with attention paid to resolving dilemmas and risk management. 

Check out the comments from recent participants:
  • "This is the best and most concrete ethics training I have had in 17 years of social work. I love the detailed, specific way in which the trainer gave examples of real, ethical dilemmas and the results of what happened."
  • "I loved how interactive and easy it was to participate."
  • "It felt like we were all together even though it was distance learning."
  • "I've never had an ethical training this specific to my needs and I loved it!"
  • "The detailed information we received prior to and during the training was very pertinent to my job and will be very helpful on a daily basis in my work."
NCConfCuyahoga County DCFS Holds a Great Event for Supervisors
Congratulations to the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services and the North Central Ohio Regional Training Center (NCORTC) for their highly successful 9th Annual Discovering Your Leadership Supervisor Conference held June 23rd and 24th!
The theme for the conference was "Essential Qualities of Leadership" and several practical and relevant workshops were offered. The accommodations were outstanding, and provided conference attendees a comfortable atmosphere for networking, learning, and sharing thoughts and ideas.

 PCSAO2016 PCSAO Annual Conference
put this on your calendar
The 2016 PCSAO Conference will be held September 21-23 at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Worthington, Ohio.

This year's theme is "Buried Treasure: Polishing Our Skills to Help Children and Families Shine." The conference is a statewide child protection training event that is dedicated entirely to strengthening child welfare workforce through shared knowledge and promoting best practices and policy that lead to improving the outcomes and increased well-being for children, youth and families. More than 30 workshops, the conference provides a great opportunity to learn, gain important new skills, share knowledge and best practice.

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for the conference registration. Coming soon!
ITNA65% of Supervisors Have Completed Their ITNA!
It's been very exciting to see the supervisor Individual Training Needs Assessment Data (ITNA) roll in. With more than half of Ohio's child welfare supervisors having completed their ITNA's the OCWTP has gotten to work creating new learning activities based on what you've told us your needs are. Over the next few months you should see new learning activities popping up in E-Track and at your Regional Training Centers (RTC).
For those who haven't had opportunity to complete your ITNA, here's how to get started.
If you have questions about the ITNA process or your Individual Development Plans (IDPs) contact the staff at your RTC.


OCWTP Resources for SupervisorsResforsup
Hear from you
We are seeking your input about the supervisor newsletter and other OCWTP learning activities. Please take a moment to give us your feedback. The information will be used to tailor the newsletter to best meet your needs and to help OCWTP plan supervisor learning activities.
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