September 10, 2014
2014 PCSAO  Supervisor Pre-Conference
Leading From the Middle
Becoming a More Dynamic Supervisor

As a supervisor, you form a critical layer of support and oversight within your agency. With so many responsibilities - quality assurance, administration, management, communication - it is easy to forget that you can also be a key leader in organizational growth. The pre-conference is designed to help you become more dynamic: a more dynamic thinker, a more dynamic communicator, and a more dynamic leader.

Join your peers in a high-energy morning session!
S1 - Breaking Through the Noise: Being a Dynamic Communicator in a Complex World

Presenters: Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard,

Mindset Digital


Supervisors deal with an avalanche of information every day, and they in turn must figure out ways to effectively communicate that information to very different audiences: caseworkers they supervise, peer supervisors, managers and directors, judges, and more.

Attend one of the following afternoon sessions!

S2 - Creating a Culture of Learning: Enhancing the Learning Environment of Your Organization

Presenter: Darren Varnado


Learning is often seen as something done external to the organization. In reality, when it is seen as an integral activity interwoven into the fabric of daily work, the organization has the potential to be much more adaptable,business_people3.jpg flexible, and able to respond to crises. This workshop will lay out the elements of a healthy learning organization and challenge participants as to their personal role in the enhancement of learning in his/her agency.

S3 - Challenges in Supervision: A Problem-Solving Session
Presenter: Denise Goodman


Across the state supervisors are struggling with many of the same issues. This session is an opportunity to listen to your peers, and together brainstorm strategies to overcome three common challenges. Through interactive discussion, participants of this session will generate solutions to supervisory challenges that will help all supervisors in Ohio. 


The three challenges being discussed will be:

  • Practical use of reports (SACWIS, BIC, ROM, Self-Created) to achieve unit outcomes
  • The heroin epidemic and its impact upon reunification and case planning
  • Final topic selected by surveying participants in attendance: focus will remain on supervisory challenges in child welfare

S4 - Overcoming the Challenges of Managing from the Middle
Presenter: Krista Voltolini

Supervisors are a critical link between agency administration and direct service caseworkers, and this unique position often leaves supervisors feeling "caught in the middle." Managing from the middle requires supervisors to have a special skill set that allows them to carry out changes in the agency while at the same time advocating for the needs of caseworkers.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
175 Hutchinson Ave.
Columbus, OH 43235
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Don't Forget About the Supervisor Reception!

Keep the fun going on September 10th by attending the Supervisor Reception from 7 - 9pm.


This is a great opportunity for you to meet and network with other supervisors while attending the conference. Snack and drinks will be provided. The event is sponsored by the Institute for Human Services (IHS), manager of the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP).