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May 2014
 purple and gold congrats     
  China Darrington

 Rising Star Trainer Award winner


Brian Bethel

 Linda Pope Trainer Award winner  

 Thank you for your attendance at the 27th Annual OCWTP Trainer Conference. It was a great conference and we appreciate all you do for the OCWTP.


Hear from you


 Technology Survey for
OCWTP Trainers and Caregivers  

The first step in charting a future path is determining one's starting point.


The Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP) needs your help taking the current "temperature" of technology access for trainers and caregivers in Ohio.  The feedback you provide will help us strategize how best to incorporate technology into future learning, communication, and collaboration opportunities.


Please take 5 minutes before June 30th to give us YOUR perspective by completing the online survey: Click here

Noteworthy Websites  


We'd like to let you know about two websites that contain important information:


ODJFS has a new rule review website for people to comment on rules prior to the rule clearance process.  It provides interested persons an opportunity to review and comment on proposed rules early in the rule development process.  Here's the website:

Click here


ODJFS recently completed a rule revision process.  This website includes summaries of rule revisions.  Click here



Please remember that workshops should begin and end at the times scheduled. Only under rare weather emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances can participants be let out earlier than scheduled and only after consultation with the Regional Training Center staff.


Trainers are permitted to take shorter breaks and use the extra time to lengthen the lunch hour, but the training day cannot be shortened.


Refer to the Trainer Handbook: Section - Trainer Timeframes, page 37.  This document is located on the OCWTP website Click here, For Trainers: Highlights: OCWTP Handbook, December 2013.


If you have any questions, please talk to a Regional Training Center Director or IHS staff.  

Contact Information
Debra Sparrow
Institute for Human Services