Spring, 2014


More and more we see and hear supervisors expressing interest in diversity issues, particularly when it comes to managing and developing their unit. In acknowledgement and support of their initiative, our feature article prompts supervisors to consider two key questions. It then offers concrete strategies supervisors can use when promoting diversity within their units.


Seven Ways to Make Diversity Work in Your Unit
Leslie Ahmadi and Beth Ann Rodriguez, The Institute for Human Services


Over the past several years, the notion of "valuing diversity" at the workplace has reached a new level. More and more, people in leadership have an understanding of "diversity" as one that acknowledges the uniqueness of every member of a workforce body (i.e., background, experiences, perspectives/insights, work styles, talents, and other personal attributes) and the potential value each person brings to the workplace. They realize that people are an invaluable resource that brings a range of abilities, styles, and ideas to the table. The greater the range (or diversity) represented, the greater the overall workforce capacity, as long as every person feels valued in the workplace setting and everyone is working toward a common goal.


What does this mean for the busy child welfare supervisor who has a hand in orienting and managing this workforce?


Click here to read strategies to promote the understanding of diversity in your unit. 

What's Happening Around Ohio?
A list of the latest news, updates, and announcements from the OCWTP 
  • In February and March, the OCWTP piloted its new E-Track-based Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA) and Individual Development Plan (IDP) processes with over 40 supervisors. A wealth of good feedback was generated and is being analyzed for ways to improve the process for statewide use. We currently estimate statewide rollout of ITNA/IDP functionality over the summer. For more information on this initiative, contact Christina Carter .
  • Congratulations to the East Central Ohio Regional Training Center (ECORTC) for holding another FANTASTIC Leadership Conference for supervisors this past March. The conference offered many great workshops and allowed supervisors to learn together, share tools and resources, and network with fellow supervisors.
  • Mark your calendars! The 29th Annual PCSAO Conference will be held September 10-12, 2014, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel of Worthington/Columbus. On September 10th, PCSAO will offer a track just for PCSA supervisors. More information will be available soon. 
SACWIS Spotlight
NEW! The Comprehensive Visitation Report

Kristine Monroe, Reporting Supervisor, Bureau of Automated Systems, Office of Families and Children

The Comprehensive Visitation Report was released into SACWIS on March 27, 2014. It provides information on whether visits have occurred with children and adults being served beyond the assessment/investigation phase of the case.


Click here to learn about this report and how to access it through SACWIS.  

Superstar Supervisors
Let's hear it for the OCWTP Supervisor Advisory Team!

In case you haven't heard, a group of very dedicated individuals has been working together to accomplish great things for child welfare supervisors in Ohio. This group, which has been together since November 2010, is comprised of 18 supervisors from across the state, OCWTP staff, and PCSAO.


Click here to read about the accomplishments of the OCWTP Supervisor Advisory Team and a list of its current members.

Using the Differential Response
Practice Profiles in Supervision

Dawn Boudrie, Alternative Response Unit Supervisor,

Summit County Children Services


I have found the Differential Response Practice Profiles to be a valuable tool. As an Alternative Response unit supervisor I have used the Practice Profiles in my work with my unit and to promote best practice with other areas of my agency.

Click here to read how Dawn and her agency have used the Practice Profiles.
Dear Supervisor 
Dear Supervisor is our take on the well-known "Dear Abby" advice column. This segment is devoted to helping supervisors meet the challenges of the job.  The questions come from you, child welfare supervisors. If you have a challenge you'd like us to address, email us at supervisor@ihs-trainet.com.

Question: How can I conduct team building when my agency doesn't have a budget for team building activities?

Images of remote cabin retreats, high ropes courses, trust falls, and white water rafting are often conjured by the phrase "team building." Alas, these activities never seem to make it into the budget. So how does a supervisor go about team building? Wait...what does "team building" even mean?

Click here to read the answer to the Dear Supervisor question.
Important Rule Revisions are Here!

There have been several updates to OAC rules that affect child welfare practice. Visit the Partners for Ohio's Families page of the ODJFS website and click on "PFOF Rule Review Substantive Changes," on the left side of the page to see a useful summary of the recent changes along with a link to the detailed changes of rules 5101:36&37. Becoming familiar with the rule revisions will give insight into how practice will change throughout your organization. As a leader in your organization and particularly of your unit, it's important to know such information in order to plan for and manage these changes.

Read the latest First Friday from the Office of Families & Children to learn about the new rule review website. As rules pertaining to child and adult protection come up for review, this site will allow you to share your thoughts and provide feedback.

OCWTP Resources for Supervisors
Watch for the summer edition of The Forum
Our premier article will focus on substance abuse and how it affects our work as child welfare professionals. If you have practice questions, article ideas, or something you'd like to share with your peers as it pertains to working with families who abuse substances please email Laura Hughes.
Every day we hear of challenges supervisors and caseworkers are having with families with substance abuse issues. We hope The Forum can serve as a reference for you, provide support, and help you with your work with families and children experiencing this very serious problem. 
Hear from you
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