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February, 2014
I'd like to begin by telling you that I'm so excited and honored to take over the responsibilities of the Common Ground. I see the Common Ground as a wonderful tool and resource that allows us, at the OCWTP, to connect with the most vital part of our program-- our trainers. I'd like to thank Kelley Gruber, IHS, for her mentorship during this transition and the support Susan Yingling, IHS, has provided as we put this issue together.
My hope is to continue to make the Common Ground relevant and informative to you. In addition to the featured articles, you'll see new sections in this and upcoming editions that provide you with recent news and research relating to child welfare practice and training, shout-out's to new OCWTP trainers, and more! Also, I believe we can learn from each other, and who better to talk about training in child welfare than you-- our trainers! We have a wealth of knowledge in our training pool that I'd love to tap into. If you'd like to contribute to an upcoming edition of the Common Ground please contact me and share your ideas!
I look forward to hearing your feedback and working to make the Common Ground a resource for you.
Laura Hughes, IHS
Let's Talk About Learning Technologies
Sally Fitch, Institute for Human Services
You've all heard the saying "Don't make assumptions because it makes an..."? -- well, you know what comes next.
The term "Learning Technologies" has emerged as a broad, umbrella description that includes any form of learning resource that uses technology. Distance learning, E-learning, blended learning, synchronous and asynchronous learning - there are so many terms currently appearing in training literature, it can be overwhelming.
Hear From Your Peers!
Sally Fitch, Janice Morabeto, and Stacy Simera

Early in January, when much of the state was hunkered 

down due to the "polar vortex," Sally Fitch sat down - virtually that is - with two OCWTP trainers to discuss their experiences with distance learning. Both trainers, Janice Morabeto and Stacy Simera had lots to share. 


What's All This Flap about "Flipping" the Classroom?   
Christina Carter, Institute for Human Services

There's been a lot of buzz over the last few years about the "flipped" classroom-also called the "inverted" or "upside-down" classroom.  Like most new trends, some are wild about it and others are skeptical.  As a person who studies technology and learning, I find it intriguing, but I am closely following the literature for outcome reports.  For now, I wanted to share some preliminary information on the subject as food for thought. 


Learn more about the "flipped" classroom

man_presenting.jpg          Managing Disruptions in the Classroom


Recently, IHS Staff explored the question of how to best manage potential disruptions in the training room caused by learners using various technologies - smart phones, laptops, notebooks, tablets, etc. 

Foster Care Alumni Corner - OCWTP Foster Care Alumni Engagement:  Another Training Opportunity
Charlotte Osterman, Institute for Human Services
On Saturday, December 14, 2013, six OCWTP adult foster care alumni trainers braved very inclement weather to attend a training of content on "Achieving Permanency through Roundtables" held at IHS. This training is designed to explore the importance of permanency for all youth placed in out-of-home care and introduces the practice of Permanency Roundtables (PRT).   
Trainer Tips
  • Discuss the ground rules at the beginning of each training, i.e., no cell phone use during training, except on scheduled breaks. 
  • Be a good role model by demonstrating appropriate behavior for trainees - this includes checking emails and making calls on break time and not during group work or while watching a video assignment. 
 Trainer To-Do List
  • The deadline to register for the 2014 OCWTP Trainer Conference is February 28, 2014. Click here for conference information and registration instructions.
  • Trainer bio statements needed! Thanks to all who responded to our URGENT request for updated trainer bios, it's greatly appreciated! If you haven't made time to complete the brief survey, please take time to do it now. To complete the survey click here.
Don't Delete....Complete! Your Feedback is Important To Us
Do you feel like you're receiving a lot of survey's from the OCWTP lately? Please continue to give each survey your thoughtful consideration as the OCWTP is in the midst of developing and revising many curriculum, and we value the input and unique perspective's of our trainers.
Applause and Recognition
  • Over the last few months we have said goodbye to a few members of the OCWTP family, as well as celebrated the achievements of our trainers. Click here to read "Applause and Recognition."
  • Ohio's Family Search and Engagement efforts are being recognized nationally! Kudo's to Jodie Hembree, NEORTC, and all involved for their work practicing and promoting building connections for youth. Click here to see the article in the Children's Bureau Express.
    Resources for OCWTP Trainers
Several times a day emails will come across my computer with what I think is helpful and relevant information for our OCWTP trainers and coaches. The link below opens to what I hope will be the beginning of an ever-growing library of tools. Each edition of the Common Ground will include an updated "Resources for OCWTP Trainers" document.
Upcoming OCWTP Learning Opportunities for Trainers


* Curriculum Development - February 27-28, 2014  

**Trainer Conference - March 3-5, 2014

* Skill Building Learning Lab - March 4, 2014

* Transfer of Learning - April 3, 2014

* Pre-TOT - April 4, 2014

* PowerPoint - May 6, 2014

* Skill-Building Learning Lab -  May 6, 2014

* Presentation Skills - May 13-15, 2014

**Presentation Skills (NEORTC) - June 16-18, 2014

* Culture and Diversity 

* Contact Debra Sparrow to register
** Register through E-Track
We would love to hear from you!  Please submit articles electronically and provide citations when needed. Common Ground staff reserve the right to condense and edit submitted articles.