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April 2013
 purple and gold congrats     
  Dawn Alsept

 Rising Star Trainer Award winner


Ronna Johnson

 Linda Pope Trainer Award winner  

 Thank you for your attendance at the 26th Annual OCWTP Trainer Conference. It was a great conference and we appreciate all you do for the OCWTP.


  Differential Response Resource Document for

OCWTP Trainers & Coaches 

Ohio's Differential Response 

Do you ever wonder what Differential Response is like in Ohio? Are you looking for ways to understand Differential Response better? If you want an update on Ohio's Differential Response, the "Differential Response Resource Document for OCWTP Trainers and Coaches" is for you.


The "Differential Response Resource Document" educates OCWTP trainers and coaches on Ohio's Differential Response System so they are informed about practice foundations, can answer basic questions and direct training and coaching participants to appropriate resources. This document provides information on the following:

  • What Differential Response is in Ohio
  • Outlines Alternative Response & Traditional Response and the pertinent points for the two pathways to child safety
  • Ohio's implementation plan
  • Ohio laws & rules governing Differential Response
  • Differential Response Leadership Council
  • PCSA support of Differential Response
  • Websites containing tools and materials related to Differential Response   


Links embedded throughout the document can be accessed for more in-depth information and materials on Differential Response. You also can access this document on www.ocwtp.net under the Trainer section, then Trainer Resources and then by scrolling down to ODJFS Initiatives.

Skill-Building Blended Learning Lab 


Competencies Addressed: 660-05-001, 660-05-002, 660-05-004


This E-based learning lab focuses specifically on application back on the job. We explore how TOL is incorporated into your curricula and help you find ways to promote job application in content you currently train.  We will discuss how to manage the diverse learners who may use training content back on the job; identify transfer assessment and intervention strategies. In addition to e-based learning lab, you will be offered a one-hour telecoaching session.  One month later we will ask you to submit revised content outline/curriculum demonstrating improvements. The goal of this E-learning lab is to strengthen your ability to develop and implement workshops that facilitate trainee's application of newly learned skills. The learning lab is designed to:

  • Learn new ideas through an exchange of information
  • Practice and apply specific skill building and transfer strategies
  • Strengthen existing training designs to enhance efforts to support skill development and transfer of learning.

The learning lab includes one two-hour E-learning session and a one-hour coaching session between sessions.



Preference will be given to trainers who have attended workshops offered in the Training of Trainer (TOT) series; have content outlines and who have had experience offering trainings to the OCWTP constituents.


Date:  May 14, 2013 - 7:00 to 9:00 PM


If you are interested in attending, please contact Debra Sparrow at dsparrow@ihs-trainet.com

Save The Date!

October 20 - 23, 2013

Hershey, Pennsylvania

NSDTA's 2013
Annual Professional Development Institute


Each year, NSDTA sponsors a Professional Development Institute that serves as a forum for the advancement of knowledge and skills of Training Services professionals from beginner to seasoned specialist. The goal of each presentation is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the adult learner. The desired result for each workshop is a participant enriched in knowledge, skills and attitude. For more information and to register Click here.
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Upcoming Training of Trainers  


 May 16, 2013


  Presentation Skills

June 3-5, 2013


To register contact: Debra Sparrow dsparrow@ihs-trainet.com   


Contact Information
Debra Sparrow
Institute for Human Services