At the 2013 Trainer Conference we are focusing on taking training and facilitation skills to the next level!  One of the areas of focus will be on how to manage those "sticky situations" in workshops and learning activities when participants may have conflict with each other related to values or judgements about families and the people we serve.  As we all know, those situations can be very challenging for even the most experienced trainer or facilitator.  We would like to develop some activities using real examples of these conflicts in the workshop or training environment. 


We are asking you to share with us some examples of when you have had these kinds of situations unfold in your workshops.  These can be situations in which you used your skills to deescalate and keep the group on track, or situations where you might find yourself still wondering if you handled it correctly.  Sometimes there are many options for how to handle these situations and we'd like to have many examples to pull from.


So, please visit the link below and share any specific examples you may have by Tuesday, November 27, 2012.




Thanks for your time!


Stacey M. Saunders-Adams, PhD, LISW-S

Institute for Human Services

614.251.600 ext. 2229 | ssaunders-adams@ihs-trainet.com



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