Mentoring Matters

September 2015
Volume 6 | Issue 7
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Why Aren't You Mentoring?
Congratulations. Your career has finally taken off. At long last, you are doing what you prefer and are enjoying the challenges that come with higher responsibilities. You are managing other people. Now you are the one developing strategies, not the one executing someone else's ideas. You aren't taking direction; you are formulating it. Good for you!

So this is a good moment to take stock and reflect on a few questions.... read more here.

"Learning is the purpose, process and outcome you get for mentoring."

One of many interesting thoughts from the Business Journal's How to Select a Business Mentor article that Lois Zachary and Luke Williams, executive director of NYU Stern's Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation were featured in.

Why Do Many Mentoring Relationships Lose Their Way?
Why is it that so many mentoring relationships seem to lose their way? Be assured there is no magic or mystique to mentoring. Mentoring requires work, but we believe that we have some answers!

A Note to Our Readers:

We believe that leaders cannot be effective without a strong and ongoing commitment to mentoring excellence. This belief, our passion for mentoring excellence, and our extensive experience in the field with organizations led us to create the Center for Mentoring Excellence. 


At our virtual center,, you will find mentoring tools and resources, expert advice and a forum for sharing best mentoring practices. We hope that you will visit us there and let us know how we can continue to help you raise the bar on mentoring in your organization.

Suddenly it is goodbye, August and hello, September. This month we present our catch-up edition of Mentoring Matters where we bring you up to speed about what has kept us busy this summer as we position ourselves to better serve our online mentoring community.

What's New?

1. Our Revised and Updated Website
We've updated our website! With our increased focused on thought-leadership content and mentoring resources, we wanted a site that put our content front-and-center. Now, you'll see our latest posts right from the homepage.

Engaging with us on a tablet or mobile device? Our new site is now fully responsive, adjusting content and functionality to whichever device you're using. No more tiny text or hard-to-navigate menus. Check it out!

2. It's Out!

Our Readers' Book Club Guide is now available. It's a handy reference for facilitating workplace discussions about the concepts and practices illustrated in Starting Strong: A Mentoring Fable Workplace book clubs are becoming increasingly popular as a means of sharing information, promoting ongoing learning, encouraging application of new knowledge, stimulating debate, and understanding about best practices. In addition to providing intellectual stimulation and exposure to diverse perspectives, book clubs promote inclusion by creating community and new connections.

Why start a reading group? Perhaps the most compelling reason is that book clubs stimulate personal and organizational application of leading edge business practices. In Implement a Book Club at Work, human resources expert Susan Heathfield cuts to the chase, "You'll magnify learning with a book club."

Burton Goldfield presents the nuts and bolts to get you started and organized. He selects books "based on business topics I'm particularly interested in, and themes that are relevant to current events within our company. I look for books that have the ability to provoke conversation and trigger diverse opinions, and I look for books that are hopefully, fun to read."
If you don't have a book club in your organization, we encourage you to ride the wave and start one now. It is easy to do! All you need is a group of volunteers who are willing to read the same book and commit to attending regularly scheduled meetings to discuss the ideas, concepts and workplace application of the book.

3. All Mentors Should.....  

The Summer Issue of Mentoring Matters that focused on "what all mentors should do" obviously struck a chord. We've been turning your reader suggestions into graphic Haiku reminders. These are available for download now. Stay tuned. More will become available in the coming months.