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NEW Publish

We are excited to announce the new PUBLISH capability to our Interneer Intellect BPM platform. You will learn about this new capability and how making new design changes with PUBLISH will save your organization time with just a click of a button!  



About Us 





For over ten years, Interneer has provided businesses an easy to use and fast to deploy BPM software for automating business processes and workflows. The Interneer Intellect solution is browser based and can be easily accessed from most browsers. The drag and drop user interface with no coding required is user friendly with no hassle and does not require IT involvement. Interneer offers SaaS (Hosted) or installed options with most implementations up and running in just a few days.  Interneer Intellect provides quality and flexibility to meet various business needs and budgets from enterprise mid markets and small-medium businesses (SMB). 






Summer 2011, kicked off to a great start! We close out Q2 acknbwledging great success with our partners and customers. we are excited to see continued success for the year.

Highlights in this newsletter issue include: a case study with our partner NutraHealthFood and how they implemented a unique electronic Patient Health Information System (ePHITS), Interneer's Product Review on, some thoughts on Sharepoint and BPM and highlights of some of our new customers and partners.

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NutraHealth Food Client Case Study

A large and well-known non-profit healthcare organization in San Mateo County, with over 92,000 members and a network of 50 clinics was seeking an electronic solution to track and manage their pediatrics health and weight management program in order to gain valuable insight to patient's

health progress. Their manual methods had become very difficult to maintain and scale as their membership grew, resulting in costly time delays, errors, and frustrated patients and staff. They sought a solution that was affordable, flexible and scalable across all divisions to capture their unique process needs.


After performing extensive research on software options,

NutraHealthFood's ePHITS system, built on Interneer Intellect, offered the flexibility, control, ease-of-use and workflow capabilities critical to meeting their unique requirements.


Find out more by reading more how NutraHealthFood's, ePHITS helped a large nonprofit in San Mateo County.


Read NutraHealthFood Case Study here.  Product Review on Intellect  


Interneer is excited to announce a recent product review from on Interneer Intellect.  Below are some excerpts:


Elias came up with the idea for a business software that would make it simpler to capture "what was inside the business person's heads." This translated into a software focused on allowing business users to quickly build processes themselves thus reducing resources, time and effort required to tweak or build processes from scratch. According to Elias, their solution combines capabilities and provides the same performance as hosted enterprise systems for a fraction of the cost.


Elias clarifies that BPM is not really restricted to large organizations. "BPM applies to companies of any size or capability," he said. "All you need is process maturity and a number of people-intensive, repeatable activities."


Read the entire product review here

Sharepoint and BPM


I'm often asked how is Sharepoint different than a BPM Platform?  If a company already is invested in it, can they use it to automate business processes and workflows?  Here's my view on Sharepoint:


Sharepoint is not a BPMS tool, it's a content management tool. Fundamentally, it is a content management system (CMS) for organizing information and content in an intranet or extranet.  For example, many companies use it for sharing information internally and or with the public.  Essentially you can use it to create websites, portals, store and search documents.  


After integrating Sharepoint with Visual Studio, Info Path, SQL Server, Workflow Foundation, BizTalk Server and Outlook you can then begin to have a BPMS tool that a developer can begin to work with.  It's very complex, resource intensive, requiring high skill sets and is like a development environment as compared to a BPM Platform or Rapid Development environment.    


As a result, companies that attempt to implement business process management in Sharepoint find themselves spending a lot of time, money and resources to customize it, dependent on expert developers and with a system that is costly to maintain and improve over time.


As a rule of thumb, you are asking for trouble anytime you try to use a system out of its intended purpose.


Customer Highlights


Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc., a premier lodging real estate company headquartered out of Bethesda , MD. Host Hotels & Resorts uses Interneer Intellect for contract management and overall project and operational processes management.


US Tax Shield, is the ultimate source for IRS tax debt solutions. Headquartered in Southern California, US Tax Shield is using Interneer Intellect for case management and to automate their entire back office operational processes from lead to fulfillment. 


Edwards Technology, Inc., creates audio visual entertainment technology for retail stores, theme parks, corporate headquarters, museums, libraries, casinos, restaurants and entertainment venues worldwide.  Edwards Technology is using Interneer Intellect for issue, asset and project management.    


Georgetown University, established in  1789 and located in Washington, D.C., Gerorgetown is the nation's oldest Catholic and Jesuit university. Georgetown is using Interneer Intellect for  contract and grant management.  

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Thank you for the continuous support and business!    





Romeo Elias


Interneer Inc.