Plus Daffodil Parade, Sound Transit Open Houses, Survey Recap, and more
March 31, 2016 - Volume 8, Issue 13
Mayor's Update: When Sumner Is Well

Efforts like holding the golf tournament to raise money for Relay for Life help employees earn a WellCity designation, that saves all of us money. 
We were just notified by the Association of Washington Cities that we have earned the WellCity designation again for the 6th year in a row.  Why is this important?  For one thing, it saves you money! But it also helps provide better services to every citizen.

Like any business in the City, our employees are our greatest asset.  They come to work each day, sometimes each night, to provide us needed and valued services.  These can be
really stressful jobs, providing services that don't always keep bank hours.  On a given day, a City employee might have to deal with high voltage electricity, toxic substances, runaway goats, lawsuits, Federal reporting forms that would make your head spin, floods, plugged sewers and angry people (not necessarily all at the same time).  Even more that helping maintain our quality of life in Sumner, some of our City employees have to handle life and death situations, quite literally.

What do you do with all th
e stress in your job?  As we all know, stress can affect our health, and medical bills can be a huge impact to any business.  It's to our benefit that our employees not only keep trained and up-to-date with changing requirements and best practices, but also that they take care of themselves and their families.  By earning a WellCity Award, the employees are consciously taking care of their physical, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being.  Not only does that immediately reduce the cost of health care through the Association of Washington Cities by about $20,000 per year, but it also means our employees are healthier in general, which makes them better able to take care of all of us.  It really is a win - win: good for our employees and good for us.  That makes all of us feel a bit better too! 

A big thanks to the
City Wellness Committee, led by Noel Clark, and all the employees who paid attention to their health and helped reduce our City's health care costs this year. 

Mayor Dave Enslow    

Daffodil Parade Update

The Daffodil Grand Floral Parade is coming up on April 9. 

Come early and come hungry!  Food trucks will be coming downtown starting at noon to give you plenty of snacking and dining options along with our existing restaurants as you save your space for the parade, which starts at 2:30 in Sumner.

Want to help with the float?  We have 18,000 daffodils to stuff into the float on Friday, April 8.  If you're interested, contact Lana Hoover, Events Coordinator, for details. 
Survey Says...

Do you feel things in Sumner are generally going in the right direction or not?
Let us know! Click here - we'd like to hear your thoughts as we begin planning for 2017-18.  

Were you still wanting to take one or more of the earlier surveys?  They're still available online:
In the News

The secret to Sumner's gardening success may be out!  Take a look at the Puyallup Herald's coverage of Sumner Grow.  Click here for link.
Upcoming Meetings & Calendar

Community Calendar:
  • The Sumner Historical Society opens the historic Ryan House for viewing starting this weekend.  It's typically open Saturday & Sunday, 1-4 pm, through the summer, but check the website for details.
  • Ride the (appropriately named) Sounder from Sumner to the Sounders game on Saturday, April 2.
  • The monthly test of the lahar siren will be Monday, April 4, at noon.
  • Poetry Slam at Urban Timber on April 6 at 7 pm, part of Pierce County Reads

City Meeting Calendar:  

  • City Council Meeting, Monday, April 4, at 7 pm
  • Planning Commission Meeting, Thursday, April 7 at 7 pm

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at City Hall.  For a full calendar including links to agendas, click here.