Plus vote for the Daffodil Festival, when you flush, and more
March 9, 2016 - Volume 8, Issue 10
Mayor's Update: When You Flush...

Last week, I talked about our water quality, and now it only seems fair to talk about what happens at the other end of the system with our wastewater.  You should know that Sumner's Wastewater Treatment Facility is one of the best in the State.  I might be a bit biased, but we also get awards every year from Dept. of Ecology confirming that I'm not just partial. 

What we put back out into the environment is heavily regulated by the State and the Federal Government. Sumner continues to exceed the strict standards. The State requires the water going back out into the rivers to have 85% of pollutants removed.  Sumner removes 99% of pollutants.  If you saw
it, you'd possibly mistake it for drinking water. We have an on-site lab that continually tests the water, and the State also tests to double check our work.

At the same time, we invested in large driers  that
pasteurize the biosolidsIt produces a soil-like product called Sumner Grow that farmers and gardeners use for a great, natural soil amendment.  Because Sumner Grow goes out by the buckets and even truckloads, we don't have to truck it to Eastern Washington to be burned, another benefit to our environment and a huge savings of time, cost and truck emissions.  You might say it's quite a "hot" item.

All of this is done
with a highly skilled staff of nine employees who take a lot of pride in providing an extremely important service for each one of us.  It may not be a glamorous job in some people's eyes, but when you consider all they do, they are an remarkable group of people doing amazing work.  Last week, I asked you to raise a glass to toast our water crew.  This week, well, a toast isn't really appropriate.   But think about if we still had to take baths in washtubs or go out back to use the outhouse.  I think we can all appreciate that we have facilities in our homes and businesses that we can use every day.  That's something to be very grateful for indeed.  

Mayor Dave Enslow 

P.S.  Spring is arriving, so all gardeners out there might want to check more into Sumner Grow by clicking here.  
Sumner Is America's Sweetest

USA Today Travel just posted "America's sweetest annual festivals" and included Sumner's own Rhubarb Pie Festival

Click here to take a look.  Warning: you have to scroll through pictures of sweets from around the nation before getting to Sumner's four photos, so this may make you a bit hungry! 
Pardon Our "Dust"

You may have noticed quite a bit of work going on in Loyalty Park.  What exactly is going on?  This is the exciting installation of brand new playground equipment.  Thank you for your patience and respect as crews block off a portion of the park for construction.  It will be worth it in the end: this new equipment promises years of upcoming fun, including a kids' zip line!

Is Daffodil the Best?

USA Today is currently taking votes for the best flower festival in the nation.  Since last week, we've dropped in the running. 

So take a look and let them know we're the best.  You can vote daily and no need to register. 

Upcoming Meetings & Calendar

  • Joint Meeting of Sumner City Council, Planning & Design Commissions on Monday, March 14 at 6 pm for training.  No City business will be conducted.
  • CD/Parks Committee on Wednesday, March 16 at 5 pm.
  • Public Safety Committee on Thursday, March 17 at 5 pm at the Sumner Fire Station.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at City Hall.  For a full calendar including links to agendas, click here.   


Council Action

At the March 7 meeting, the City Council approved the following:
  • Resolution No. 1448 modifying the assessment roll of Utility Local Improvement District 2007-1
  • Authorize the Mayor to execute an Agreement with the Stephen K. Caasseaux, Jr., and McCarthy and Causseaux, Inc., P.S. for Hearing Examiner Services
  • Adopted Ordinance 2562, amending the Compensation Schedule
  • Adopted Ordinance 2563 amending SMC 8.14, the Noise Code, relating to truck idling and operations
  • Adopted Ordinance 2564 amending SMC chapter 12.52 relating to Special Events 

Full agenda packets, ordinances, meeting minutes and video of meetings are available online at under Government/City Council.