Plus passports, your highest priorities and more
March 3, 2016 - Volume 8, Issue 9
Mayor's Update: Tap into Basics

What is the most important service the City provides to you?  While some might think about police or fire protection or roads, think about what would happen if we turned on the tap and nothing came outIt's a service we rely on so much that often we don't even think about it.  Plenty of clean, fresh water is basic to healthy families and a healthy community. 

Tony Utanis from Public Works gave a presentation on the water system to Sumner Rotary this week. Tony has been working here for over 39 years,
and you probably recognize him from events around town. But usually, in fact every day, Tony is making sure that the water you and I and our families drink is safe and clean.  That's no small task--just ask folks in Michigan. 

Tony reminded us that George Ryan built the first water system out of his logging operation.  They actually used hollowed-out logs, one of which we found still under Mason Street a few months ago.  (It wasn't still being used to convey water!)  Sumner
then had a private water company for a few years before the City took it on in the early 1900s.  When Tony arrived in the 1970s, Sumner was still using ancient sheds to pull water from springs.  Although today we still use those springs, they have upgraded the infrastructure around them to keep our water clean and sufficient for our needs.  Now, it's a high tech system of over 90 miles of pipes (none of them made of lead), holding tanks, pumps, you name it.  And, most importantly, it also comes with an effective team of staff, like Tony, who monitor, test, watch and keep us all safe. 

Today, when you get a glass of water, hold it up in cheers to Tony and the Public Works crew who keep us hydrated and healthy.  As our friends in Tumwater are fond of saying, it's the water!      

Mayor Dave Enslow

Fun fact: What would become Tumwater's Olympia Brewing wanted to originally locate in Sumner.  But, Mrs. Zehnder was a teetotaler, so she sold the farm to
a yeast company instead!
Welcome, Officer Lovejoy

Welcome to Sumner's newest police officer, Officer Lovejoy, shown here at his graduation from the Academy with Chaplain Bob Ihler, Deputy Chief Engel and Chief Moericke. 
Passport Reminder

Recent changes regarding ID are prompting a lot of people to get passports for the first time.  Just a reminder that in Sumner, you can get passports at the Post Office.  Sumner City Hall does not process passports, but our friends at City of Bonney Lake do and are holding a special Passport Event this Saturday, March 5, 8 am - noon.  

For other updated options of locations, click here

Is Daffodil the Best?

USA Today is currently taking votes for the best flower festival in the nation.  Our Daffodil Festival is currently sitting at No. 6.  We can do better than that!  You can vote every day, and it appears you don't even have to register to vote.  So take a look and let them know we're the best. 

(In case your eyebrows go up with that attribution that the Festival takes place in "Tacoma," the full write-up on the festival correctly describes all participating cities, including Sumner!) 

Survey Says...

How satisfied (or not) are you with a variety of City services?

We're very sorry that in the previous email, this link was not working properly. 

Last Week's Results
Your highest priorities are preventing crime with a rating of 9.3 out of 10, followed by ensuring prompt police response at 9.03 and then maintaining streets at 8.1. 

Upcoming Meetings & Calendar

  • Test of the Lahar Sirens, Monday, March 7, at noon
  • City Council Meeting, Monday, March 7, at 7 pm
  • Public Works Committee, Wednesday, March 9, at 5 pm
  • Design Commission, Wednesday, March 9 at 6:30 pm
  • Forestry Commission, Thursday, March 10 at 4:30 pm

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at City Hall.  For a full calendar including links to agendas, click here.