Plus court changes, Citizens Academy registration and more

January 6, 2016 - Volume 8, Issue 1
Mayor's Update: New Year, New Council Roles

New Councilmember Patrick Reed with Judge Jenkins 
On Monday, the Council took care of a number of seemingly housekeeping items that are quite important for the years ahead.  First, the meeting began with swearing in new Councilmember Patrick Reed as well as returning Councilmembers Brown, Hochstatter and LeMaster.  Then, they selected a deputy mayor for the year--congratulations Deputy Mayor Earle Stuard!  Last but not least, they selected committees with Councilmembers Allsop, Hochstatter and LeMaster serving on Community Development Committee; with Councilmembers Brown, Allsop and LeMaster serving on Public Safety Committee; with Councilmembers Stuard, Reed and Hayden serving on Finance Committee; and Councilmembers Hayden, Stuard and Hochstatter serving on Public Works Committee. 

Why does this matter to you? Often, people who are interested in a topic come to the council meeting that includes a vote on that topic.  That form of involvement is great, but they are really showing up quite late in the game.  While they may speak very passionately minutes before the vote is to be taken, getting involved earlier in the process is much more effective.  

When a topic arises, it first goes to either a council committee or the full council in a study session for extensive review and study of the issue. The committee meetings and study session are open for you to attend.

While there isn't always opportunity for public comment at these meetings, it is a chance to learn what is happening and contact your Councilmembers with your thoughts. You can email them, call them, or set up an appointment to speak in person.  This process is much more effective as you're sharing your thoughts while they're deliberating what to do.  We'll start including dates and times for those in this e-newsletter as well as agenda items.

So while it may seem like "housekeeping" to select committees, etc., this is really setting the structure available to you to join the council in exploring topics and sharing your thoughts throughout 2016.     
Mayor Dave Enslow
Municipal Court Move

With a new partnership, Sumner's court services now operate through Bonney Lake Municipal Court.  You can still use Sumner's website to check a court date and pay fees, but in-person visits and phone calls now run through the Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main St E, Suite 100, Bonney Lake.  Their telephone number is 253-862-6606.

Citizen Academy Registration Open

Students at the Citizens Academy are enjoying their sessions. (Most people visiting the jail are not this happy.)  
What's it like to drive a police car?  Or fire a gun?  What happens when you get booked into jail or call 911?  There are two ways to find out.  We recommend the second: sign up for the Sumner Police Citizen's Academy.

The Academy will hold sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8 pm starting February 9 through March 8 with one Saturday session (driving the police cars!) on March 5.

Find out for yourself how your police department operates with interactive sessions: click here for details and the online sign-up form.      
Upcoming Meetings & Calendar

  • Special City Council Meeting, Monday, January 11 at 6 pm
  • Public Works Committee, Tuesday, January 13 at 5 pm-topics include speed data
  • Design Commission, Tuesday, January 13 at 6:30 pm
  • Forestry Commission, Wednesday, January 14 at 4:30 pm

For a full calendar including links to agendas, click here. Departments are going to start posting committee agendas online very soon.    


Council Action

The City Council passed the following at its January 4 meeting.  The full agenda items are available online and the meeting video is available for streaming online.    


Adopted Resolution 1445 - Interlocal Agreement with State of Washington Traffic Safety Commission


Selected Council committees (see Mayor's article above)


Selected Councilmember Earle Stuard to serve as deputy mayor.  


Selected Councilmember Patrick Reed to serve as Sumner's Pierce County Regional Council Representative


Selected Councilmember Mike LeMaster to serve on the board of Rainier Communications Commission for Sumner 


Adopted Ordinance 2555 Amending Zoning Code Text to make changes to Design Process Review


Approved contract with Talasaea Consultants