July 8, 2015- Vol 7, Issue 28
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Free Medication Lock Boxes
Beat the Heat, Sumner Style
Public Notices

It may be hot enough to feel like a "burning ring of fire" so fall into Folsom Prism's tribute to Johnny Cash at Music Off Main this Friday night at Heritage Park! There's also a special Sunday Music Off Main, June 12 at 2 pm in Rainier View Park with Harvey Phillips NW Big Brass Bash.   More information
Mayor's Update: About Water...
Nothing is as unpredictable as Northwest weather.  The good news is that the lack of winter snow didn't affect our water supply.  The bad news is that the record hot, dry June and continued dry weather into July has increased our demand.  The water supply is normal, but all our pumps are going non-stop to keep up with high demand, leaving us no cushion capacity if a well unexpectedly goes out of service or an urgent, unpredictable need arises, like a large fire.  We all need to start taking some more active steps to make sure we have the capacity to deal with emergencies through the rest of this summer:

City: We're cutting back our water use by about 50%, letting less used areas of parks go brown.  We're making choices about where we need water and where we can do without. 

Industrial/Businesses: We're reaching out to the large property owners, asking them to cut back on landscape irrigation just like we are. Please encourage your landlord that you're fine with a drier look to help save water. 

Residential: Like the City, please find trade-offs to cut your own watering by about 50%.  For many, that means letting grass go brown to save flowers and shrubs.  If you really can't do that, please try watering your lawn no more than every-other day.  Here are a few more small things you can do to add up and help get your own household to a 50% reduction:
  • Always water everything at night.  Watering while the sun is up just loses a significant portion of the water to evaporation, leaving your plants still thirsty.
  • Take short showers instead of baths.
  • Recycle water from things like dog bowls, kiddie pools and baths (if you must) to water plants.
  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
  • Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads. 
  • Sweep driveways and sidewalks instead of spraying them down. 

Click here for more tips and ideas to conserve water.  


Again, this does NOT mean we currently have a water shortage problem.  But, we need to take steps to avoid a future water shortage problem and have a reserve in case (knock on wood) there's a large fire that needs a large supply of water quickly.  Think of it as our reverse rainy day fund.  And if the weather is just fickle enough that it rains now that I said all of this, that works too.   

Mayor Dave Enslow
Free Medication Lock Boxes
Thanks to a grant received by the Sumner-Bonney Lake Drug Free Coalition, we're able to offer you free lock boxes to keep medications.  Available in small, medium (shown here) and large sizes, the boxes help you keep medication out of the hands of children.  Boxes are available on a first-come, first-served basis and can be picked up at the Sumner Police Department during regular business hours. 


Got extra medication you no longer need?  You can always recycle it safely in the bin at the Sumner Police Department lobby.   

Beat the Heat, Sumner Style
With this hot weather, everyone's looking for ways to cool down. 

Sumner may be the Rhubarb Pie Capital of the World, but we also have a few other rhubarb recipes up our sleeve. 

Try making the Rhubarb Sauce (recipe online here) and using the sauce over ice-cream or mixed with club soda for a cold, sweet-tart rhubarb soda (shown here). 

Public Notices
Do you want to receive by email all land-use public notices that the City of Sumner sends out?  If yes, send your email to niomiz@ci.sumner.wa.us to add your name to the list!

In addition, the City will make every effort to also post notices online.  Browse notices online