June 25, 2015- Vol 7, Issue 26
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Evening Magazine in Sumner
Food Bank Success
Fireworks Safety
No More "Hot Dogs"
Public Notices

Pierce County TV produced this beautiful recap of Open in Sumner.  Enjoy!
Mayor's Update: Decades of Fire, School Service
Craig Spencer (far left) and Chief Jerry Thorson served Sumner well during their years here.   
This month, we're saying goodbye to two leaders who have done a lot to shape Sumner in the past few years.  At Sumner School District, Deputy Superintendent Craig Spencer is retiring as is Chief Jerry Thorson from East Pierce Fire & Rescue. Both have done a lot for all of us.

Originally a teacher, Craig literally built the schools around us, including the major renovations to Sumner Middle School and Maple Lawn Elementary.  He also served as interim superintendent a few years ago, covering two jobs at once.  Jerry arrived in our area during the difficult time following the loss of Chief Packer in a California wildfire.  Sumner had just joined East Pierce, and Jerry helped us finish that sense of transition and loss.  Both Craig and Jerry are members of Sumner Rotary who got involved in efforts like Girls Night Out to raise money for the YMCA.  
As Mayor, I wanted to take this space to let them know how much we appreciated their work and let you know how much they contributed to make this a wonderful place for all of us.  I wish them all the best with their well-deserved retirements.  Strong cities can't operate alone, and we are most successful when we have great partnersIn the end, we all benefit from collaborative relationships between cities, public safety and schools.  We will miss these two, but we look forward to continued partnerships as we work together to build a great community.     
Mayor Dave Enslow
Evening Magazine Features Sumner

KING-TV's Evening Magazine is starting a new feature called Small Town Spotlight.  And, what better small town to spotlight first than Sumner?  They were in town filming last week, and Sumner's piece will air this Friday at 7:30 pm on KING5.  Tune in, set your DVR, and watch Sumner shine!


Food Bank Success

Remember when we noted that CenturyLink would match donations made to the Food Bank June 1-12 at six times the donation?  The results are in and thanks to your generosity, CenturyLink will be providing $111,000 to the Sumner Food Bank!   


A big thanks to them and to you for helping to make it happen.   


Fireworks Safety, Especially This Year

Please note that fireworks are allowed in Sumner ONLY on the 4th of July from noon to midnight.  Just because fireworks are allowed during those times, please remember that our unusually dry weather and yards brings an increased risk to people and property.  Neighboring jurisdictions are already experiencing dangerous fires around roads and even threatening homes due to carelessness.  Let's have a fun and safe 4th of July, but not burn down the town!


No More "Hot Dogs"

Metro Animal Services reports that it is having to save at least 10 dogs per day who have been left in parked cars and are overheating.  Please do not leave dogs or pets (or people!) in cars, not even with the windows cracked and not even "for a minute."  One dog in neighboring Puyallup was rescued from a car with internal temperatures of 114 degrees.  As it heats up, help keep your pets safe and cool.  If you spot a dog locked in a park car and in distress, please call 9-1-1.         


Public Notices
Do you want to receive by email all land-use public notices that the City of Sumner sends out?  If yes, send your email to niomiz@ci.sumner.wa.us to add your name to the list!

In addition, the City will make every effort to also post notices online.  Browse notices online