April 22, 2015- Vol 7, Issue 17
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Animal Control Week
Stormwater Business Alert
Daffodil Parade
Open House - Flood Maps
Public Notices

The popular Shred & Clean is this Saturday, 10 am - 1 pm in the old Red Apple parking lot.  To give everyone a chance to access this community service, please bring only three bags of documents.  If you have more that needs shredding, there are other events in the area.  Check out a full list here.  Plus, Sumner offers more than just shredding. See full event details here. 
Mayor's Update: The 410-Traffic Overpass
Have you driven through the Sumner's Traffic Avenue/Puyallup's East Main interchange with SR 410 lately?  If yes, then I don't have to describe to you that the little two-lane overpass is beyond its capacity, and the two traffic lights (operated by WSDOT, not the City, by the way) only make matters worse.  That overpass now serves over 30,000 cars each day. 

In Sumner, the street is named Traffic Avenue, but it doesn't mean we have to like, or continue to live with, the traffic congestion.  Lots of groups, from Knutson Farms on the Puyallup side to The Old Cannery and Bellmont Cabinets on the Sumner side, are asking the State to replace that overpass with one that allows  cars to move efficiently and adds safe options for pedestrians and bicyclists.  East Pierce Fire & Rescue wants that overpass redone to help them respond to incidents.  Its upgrade would also help move Sound Transit commuters into and out of our city better without clogging our downtown streets.  Add to the list of supporters everyone who has sat in the backup, either back to the library to get out of town or back to Shaw Road to get into town.

For jobs, for quality of life, for the economic benefit of our local communities and the state, this interchange needs to be replaced and improved now.

Believe it or not, despite the struggles at the State, it looks like there may be hope to get $20 million from the State to fund a new overpass here.  Sumner's and Puyallup's legislators are taking notice.  Representative Drew Stokesbary is really working hard to make this happen.  City of Puyallup and the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce are voicing their support, and the Sound Transit Board highlighted the importance of this project to their efforts to improve access to and from the station. 

When it comes to Olympia in the final week(s) of the session, you never know what happens, but as you're sitting on idle on Traffic Avenue, cross your fingers for action in Olympia to relieve the congestion
If you'd like to send a message of support for this effort, we'll collect them and send them on to our legislators. 


Mayor Dave Enslow

Local Bellmont Cabinets Featured

The May issue of This Old House magazine features a kitchen redo in a Seattle home, and lists the cabinets as Bellmont Cabinets.  That means those beautiful cabinets were made right here in Sumner!

It's always fun to celebrate the beautiful work being done by over 10,000 people who are employed by the businesses in Sumner.  It's easy to see retail, but sometimes manufacturing, like woodworking, is hidden behind warehouse walls.


Check out the article online here.


Sumner University - Part 2

Last week, the Mayor's article featured the responses of participants in Sumner University when asked what's great about Sumner.  We also asked what could be better and what we could all do to make it better.  Here were those answers:  


What could be better in Sumner?

Sidewalks, fix missing links to schools; Too much traffic - what to do?; Restaurants open later / more variety -Dinner places (x2); Parker / Main intersection light (x2)!!; Orting Hwy congestion; Elm St. / E. Main - fix; Senior housing - needed; Improve website - more notice, etc.,  Social media - need more (FB / Twitter),  Electronic reader board- City Hall; Thompson - repave; Parking downtown; Traffic pattern; Dog Park; Better lit Xwalks; Move Library downtown; Allow neighborhood Signs; Old KC Caboose (cover up); Take down Branks; ST trains during the day; Traffic mitigation; Keep semi's out of town; Better grounds keeping by the library; Commercial diversity (retail, ice cream,  Sandwich shops,  Mod pizza; Corner of Main and Wood (next to Tiny's); Bring back KC's


What could be done to improve the community?

Seek out sponsors for reader board - best location?; Social media - liason - "blogger" coordinate with Comm. Director; Red Apple development - does it have to be condo's?; Sidewalks / transportation - seek funding; More communication with adjacent cities for idea exchange (staff); Recruiting or reaching out to developers; Frequent communication with public - asking questions, seeking ideas; Low income senior housing; Condo's; Remove Red Apple and make more parking; Citywide WiFi; Finish out E. Main development - sidewalks and trails; Finish off DT with same lights and theme to Wood; Maintain strong community events; Cover-up redevelop KC Caboose -Billboard (city) in front; More murals; Dog park @ Valley and Elm; High school parking; Handicap parking; See section #2 (What Could Be Better)

Sumner Is Well

City of Sumner once again earned its WellCity Award from the Association of Washington Cities.  Cities earn these awards based on a rigorous program that makes sure one of the City's greatest assets, its employees, are taking care of their health and well-being.  By earning this award, Sumner will also get a 2% premium discount on their 2016 Trust medical premiums, which helps keep costs for the City--an taxpayers--lower. 

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Sumner leaders are once again going to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes to raise money and awareness for the Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County.  This event has men literally walk a mile in Tacoma in high heels, and Chief Brad Moericke, City Administrator John Galle, and City Attorney Brett Vinson have all joined in to give it a try. 

More information-team page

Public Notices
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