April 16, 2015- Vol 7, Issue 16
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Animal Control Week
Stormwater Business Alert
Daffodil Parade
Open House - Flood Maps
Public Notices

These past few days, Sumner's flowers have appeared to be painted in "technicolor"!  Celebrate the beautiful weather with Bring in Spring through Downtown Sumner this Saturday, April 18, 10 am - 5 pm
Mayor's Update: Your Sumner Favorites
Mayor Enslow waits for the parade to start with his grandson and World War II vets Bill Heath and Leroy Goff.
One of my favorite moments of Sumner University is when we ask participants three simple questions: what's great about Sumner; what could be improved; what can we do together to improve it? 

This past Tuesday, we once again got answers to form new lists.  What's great?  Participants listed the following: "Great City staff and Council, Parades and Parks (x3), Trails & YMCA + walkable, Small town feel, Inform and engage public, Antique shops on Main, Concerts in Summer (x2), Rhubarb Pie, flower baskets (x3), Schools (x3), Water, Parker and Elm 4-way, Street improvements, Trees / River, Daffodils painted on streets, Running in to neighbors @ stores, Friendly, Sense of Community, Cleanliness, New trails, The Mayor! (I swear that neither me nor my wife said that one!), Downtown area shops / restaurants look, Law enforcement, Berryland pie, Planning (x2), Safe, Complete sidewalks, Access to staff (except Bill--said as a joke!), Sumner U, Citizens police academy, People, Accessibility - walkability, Community, Train Station, Cute neighborhoods, Downtown, ManeStage Theater, History, Building codes, Regional location, Congenial, Best town to come home to." 

You'll notice that some things were said by all three groups--including schools, parks and parades.  But, together, that's quite a list.  Next week, we'll look at what could be improved and what we could do to improve Sumner.  Rest assured, that's a smaller list, which is good news for all of us!


Mayor Dave Enslow

Animal Control Week

It's National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, and Sumner is celebrating its own Metro Animal Services.  With three officers, including newly sworn-in Officer Sauer, Metro serves seven cities, including Sumner.  Last year, they responded to 3,477 calls for service, welcomed 9,167 human visitors to the Shelter, adopted 345 pets to new Forever Families and returned 329 lost pets to their owners.

How can you help celebrate?  There are a few ways:


1) License your pet - your annual license fee helps pay for all these services. 


2)  Adopt a pet - adorable pets are wondering if you're their new Forever Family.


3) Volunteer or donate - Metro runs on an extremely tight budget, making invaluable the over 40 volunteers who already give nearly 5,000 hours of service.

Stormwater Business Alert

Several concerned businesses have forwarded to the City of Sumner a flyer that they have received (shown here).  It seems this for-profit business has been soliciting Sumner properties, offering their services for assistance with stormwater management plans.  While the City of Sumner appreciates any effort to keep our stormwater clean; unfortunately, this business has used the City of Sumner's logo and name without permission, giving the impression that they are working with the City.


Please note that the City of Sumner does not in any way endorse nor partner with this firm for this paid service.  In fact, we offer the same support for free.  Any Sumner businesses wanting assistance with their Stormwater Maintenance Agreement Report, or to see if they even qualify for this program in the first place, should contact Robby Wright, the City of Sumner's Local Source Control Specialist, at 253-299-5708 or robertw@ci.sumner.wa.us.  He will come to your business and work with you at no cost.  



Daffodil Parade Thanks & Photos
Thank you to everyone who helped make the Daffodil Parade in Sumner and the Sumner Community Float another great success!  The list is long and includes Patty and Stafford Suites for driving walkers safely and warmly to each city, Dave Radcliffe and The Old Cannery for lending their golf cart for the veterans to drive, Sumner Downtown Association for lending their golf cart to be on the float, Chambers Bay for lending a flag stick, Windmill Gardens for lending plants, City Shops crews for moving the float (and its various associated stuff), putting out barricades and sweeping the streets after the parade, Investco for loaning a warehouse in town to assemble the float, and the many volunteers including Lana Hoover, Tracy Critchley and Theresa Haase from the REI Distribution Center (and Theresa's mother!), Darren the wonderful float driver who endured hail down River Road, Rick Shively who kept the float running, Ted and Jan Hackmann, Barbara Bitetto, Kathy Hayden, Mike LeMaster, Fran and Carl Jones, Ron Haines and his grandson, Bill Heath, Mike Connor and Leroy Goff for riding the float in Sumner, Petra and Chris Karr of ACT1 Theatre Productions, the students of the Sumner High School Honor Society, Katie who braved riding the cart in chilly weather through Tacoma, Toni Palmer for finding the gophers, the entire PD team and Police Explorers, John Pistilli, Jason Wilson and his family, and John Galle.  The float was truly special because across businesses, residents and volunteers, Sumner made it happen.  Check out more photos online. 
Open House - Flood Insurance Rate Maps

April 21: Gig Harbor Civic Center, 3510 Grandview St

April 22: Fife Community Center, 2111 54th Ave. E  

April 29: Orting Multi-Purpose Center and Library, 202 Washington Ave. S 


Homeowners and businesses can view updated flood insurance rate maps at these three open houses.  These maps are used by property owners and federal, state and local agencies to determine standards for development on properties within flood hazard areas of the county. Insurance companies use the maps to determine flood insurance rates.  

At the open houses, you will be able to view the updated maps and ask questions about how the maps impact your properties and federal flood insurance rates.  Federal, state and local officials will answer questions and print property-specific maps upon request, while a flood insurance specialist will answer questions about federal flood insurance.   


Map appeals process
FEMA will provide information about the map appeals process at the meeting. FEMA estimates the 90-day appeal window starting at the end of May. Appeals about the maps, especially if someone can show the base flood elevation of their property is wrong, are considered if the appeals are supported scientifically. However, FEMA is not required to agree with all appeals.


Errors such as misspellings or city boundaries are considered comments and FEMA will review those requests for corrections. Pierce County and cities such as Sumner will also submit comments from staff on issues they observe with the maps.
Public Notices
Do you want to receive by email all land-use public notices that the City of Sumner sends out?  If yes, send your email to niomiz@ci.sumner.wa.us to add your name to the list!

In addition, the City will make every effort to also post notices online.  Browse notices online