December 31, 2014- Vol 6, Issue 54
Mayor's Update: Freedom to Enjoy '15

While it's still the holiday season, I have to ask if you have ever watched that movie,The Muppet Christmas Carol. (Remember, I have grandchildren!)  There's a warning given to Michael Caine's Scrooge that says, "As freedom comes from giving love, so prison comes with hate."  Once you think about that outside the context of talking puppets, it's really quite a sentiment.   


If you're at odds with your neighbor, you sneak outside your own home, hoping not to run into him or her.  If you argued with someone in town, you tend to get anxious just running into the store, worried that they'll be there.  In other words, you've confined your own ordinary world into a "prison" built by discord, trapping yourself more than anyone else ever could.   


Someone very wise once told me that in going into politics, you will meet lots of people with different ideas and levels of happiness, or unhappiness.  He recommended consciously choosing to never hate anyone. You may disagree, you may dislike, but never hate.  It's a great idea, especially when you live in a small town.  But it's also important because we all need people who will disagree with us and make us think through our decisions.  This is what democracy is all about....and what makes Sumner such a great community.   


As we look toward the new year, there are exciting things coming in Sumner.  The bridge is getting replaced, the YMCA will open, and the U.S. Open will be held nearby.  We have 365 days ahead of us to fill as we choose.  I hope we choose the freedom to enjoy our fun special events, enjoy our neighbors, and of course, enjoy Sumner.   


Wishing you, your family and friends all enjoy a happy and safe new year!  


Mayor Dave Enslow

160th Is Open!
Today, 160th is back open to traffic between 64th and 60th.  We apologize that the work took longer than anticipated: it was a challenge to find the day that was both warm enough and dry enough to pave.  But, it came, we paved, and it's open for your use and enjoyment. 


Selling at Whole Foods
Whole Foods is opening in Pierce County at University Place.  While some are a bit crabby that it's not in Sumner, there's still a chance for local vendors to sell products in the store.  See the details on the following opportunity from Whole Foods:


Holiday Hours

Just a reminder that all City offices will be closed January 1.   The next City Council meeting will be a study session on January 12.

Happy Holidays! 



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