November 20, 2014- Vol 6, Issue 48
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Bridge Lighting
More about Crime Reports
Winter Market
Sound Transit Open Houses
Public Notices

This weekend, "elves" from the Sumner Arts Commission and Sumner Rotary will get up the holiday garlands and wreaths through town to get Sumner ready for the holidays.  Thank you for your support and spirit! 
Mayor's Update: Giving Thanks...For $3
The Senior Center's new zeal for celebration is one of the many things in Sumner worth giving thanks. 
On Monday night, we renewed two of my favorite contracts.  One was for the recreation program, which is a joint agreement we have with the Sumner School District and City of Bonney Lake.  Through this agreement, the School District operates the Recreation Department with support from our two cities.  While many cities struggle with how to support recreation programs, this collaboration creates a great program at an affordable price for our citizens.  Even with the opening of the YMCA, the Recreation Program will continue to offer very important opportunities like adult softball, basketball for kids, and even a father/daughter dance and classes to help kids be safe at home.  This is a wonderful program, and I'm so thankful Sumner has director Rich Hanson to keep making it more and more successful each year.

The second was renewing the
agreement with Stafford Suites to partner with the City in running the Sumner Senior Center. Talk about a turn-around.  That place went from nearly closing the doors to the place to be.  Councilmember Brown asked if they carded people because now everyone wants to be there, even people under the age of 55.  As the saying goes, getting older is not for wimps, so what a blessing to have a place focused on seniors, giving us options for staying healthy, understanding finances, traveling, and meeting new people.  If you haven't tried it out lately, a great opportunity is next Monday, November 24, when they offer Thanksgiving Dinner for lunch.  Cost is $3 for those over 55 and $6 for everyone else. 

In the season of thanks, it's fitting to thank our partners who make programs like the Recreation Department and Senior Center so successful.  Between them
, they make Sumner a healthy, active place to be, for all ages


Mayor Dave Enslow


Bridge Lighting


Many cities light a tree, but only Sumner lights a bridge.  As you put away the turkey leftovers, don't forget that The Old Cannery is hosting the annual Bridge Lighting on Friday, November 28.  Festivities begin at 2 pm and feature booths for holiday shopping, cider, cocoa and nuts.  At 5 pm, things really get exciting with the lighting of the bridge and fireworks, and caroling that will continue until 7 pm.  


More Event Information 


If you're coming, consider making a day of it, shopping in Downtown Sumner, enjoying dinner, and maybe continuing the celebration at Windmill Gardens' Poinsettia Glow Festival, being held 5-8 pm.   


Click here for a map to help plan your visit with parking, shopping, and dining.  If you're traveling through Sumner, please remember that the bridge will be closed approximately 4-6 pm, and you'll want to adjust your route accordingly.   



Photo courtesy of The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse


More about Crime Reports 

We briefly mentioned Sumner's last week in the blotter, and a number of you clicked on it.  It seems worth highlighting a little more what this powerful tool can do.  You can link to it at any time from the City's website and see recent Sumner incidents.  You can set the time frame, and select the kinds of incidents you would like to see.  To go a step further, you can sign up to create an alert to let you know through your e-mail recent crimes in the area you designate.  You can even register your own camera to help Sumner PD or submit a tip.  There are many online neighborhood watch options, but this tool is the only one that connects directly to Sumner PD's own reporting system.   Also, nothing beats holding a Block Watch party and meeting your neighbors in-person, a great idea especially during the holidays! 


Click here to check it out.  


Sumner Wins with a Win-ter Market at the Win-dmill  
Sumner has twice tried a fresh farmer's market, but with so many markets and farm stands around us, it's always been a challenge of bounty.  But now, a Sumner business owner has a fresh take on an old idea: Windmill Gardens is now hosting a Winter Market!  What a brilliant idea!  Visit the Winter Market every Saturday, 9 am - 2 pm, now through February 14, for fresh seasonal produce, local meats, baked goods and more.

Click here for more information about Windmill Gardens.


Also, we hear not all the vendor booths are full.  If you're interested, click here for more details.    

Sound Transit Open House 
In August, Sound Transit approved Sumner's recommendations for a parking garage and other station access improvements.  Voters already approved funding to improve access to Sounder commuter rail stations in the 2008 Sound Transit 2 ballot measure. So, what's next? 

Stop in to one of Sound Transit's Open Houses to learn more.

November 20, 3:30-6:30 pm, Sumner Sounder Station
November 23, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm, Sumner Sounder Station
December 2, 6:30-8:30 am, Midtown Station Cafe

Click here for more details

Public Notices
Do you want to receive by email all land-use public notices that the City of Sumner sends out?  If yes, send your email to to add your name to the list!

In addition, the City will make every effort to also post notices online.  Browse notices online