November 6, 2014- Vol 6, Issue 46
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Help Design Sumner
Veteran's Day
Washington's Birthday
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Thank you to everyone who made Halloween fun and festive in Sumner, especially all the businesses and homes that gave out candy, the polite trick-or-treaters who said thank you often, and the dancing scarecrows of ACT 1 Theatre Productions.  
Mayor's Update: Highlighting the Invisible

The challenge for a city is that sometimes the most important things we do are the most invisible. Parades and events are wonderful, but a good supply of clean, drinkable water is vital. Parks are beautiful, but carefully treating sewer waste before sending it back into the environment is critically important.  


We all get into our routines and take things like water and sewer for granted until it's not there.  Yet, City crews are constantly working to keep those systems running smoothly all the time; in the case of sewer, it's a 24/7 business.  Normally, we are blissfully unaware of their work while we enjoy the benefits.  However, there's nothing like an emergency water main break to remind us just what would happen if the service stopped working normally.


I'm not suggesting that we cheer every time we turn on the tap (although you certainly can), but we do need to think about how our small actions can help keep the whole system working, or not.  In this case, our water main broke when we were trying to unclog the nearby sewer.  


Every time each of us sends grease down the drain, we're helping to clog the sewer, which can potentially back up the whole system.  As part of our permit process, the City requires certain businesses to install grease traps to collect this grease and keep it out of the system, but we still sometimes get clogs.  This is especially important to remember as we start thinking about roasting turkeys and browning butter around the holidays.  Grease and fats should go into the garbage (after they've cooled) rather than down the drain.  Each of us can do our part to help the City crews providing excellent water and sewer excellent, in fact, that we usually forget what it would be like without it.  


More tips for keeping grease from going down the drain from our neighbors at King County.


Mayor Dave Enslow


Help Design Sumner


Do you care about how Sumner looks?  Pretty much everyone here does!   Now's your chance to do something about it.  The City of Sumner has openings available on the Design Commission.  The Commission meets approximately once a month and reviews plans for new buildings and improvements to determine if they meet the City's careful design standards.  In other words, you keep Sumner looking good.  


This volunteer position is looking for someone who is in engineering, architecture, planning, construction, or landscaping.  Living in Sumner is preferred by not necessary.  

Click here for more information about the Design Commission.


Click here for an application.

Veterans Day
City offices will be closed Tuesday, November 11, in observance of Veteran's Day.  The City and community are honored to include many veterans, and we thank them for their service. 

Speaking of veterans, Sumner's own Riverside Ford and Don Gillis has teamed up with Sumner's VFW 3070 to provide 300 sleeping bags to homeless veterans in our area.  Riverside has already purchased 300 bags, but they are also taking donations.  If you know of a veteran in need or would like to help, click here to visit the Riverside Ford Facebook page and learn more.  
Washington's Birthday

George Washington's birthday is in February, but Washington State's birthday is also November 11.  This year, Washington State will be 125 years old, and the Sumner Historical Society invites you to celebrate this occasion, plus Veteran's Day, with them.  


They are hosting an Open House at the Ryan House, on Main Street, from 1 to 8 pm. Please join in this free celebration and enjoy light refreshments.  The Kincaid Cabin portion of Ryan House, built circa 1860, will feature a display of uniforms and clothing for each decade, beginning with the 1870s. A brief listing of significant events will accompany each costume.  Plus, the Sumner Historical Society created a collection of photographs for the Washington State Centennial, and the collection will return on display in the kitchen for another trip down memory lane, 25 years later.


More about the Sumner Historical Society 


Public Notices
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In addition, the City will make every effort to also post notices online.  Browse notices online